Wednesday, March 30, 2011

CO to NJ: Day 3: Driving Nebraska and Iowa

The day started out with nice weather as we drove through eastern Colorado.

Boring but nice.

As we entered Nebraska the weather got nasty.

Nasty and boring.

What is one supposed to do with oneself when not allowed to drive, not allowed to DJ and not really allowed to talk?

How does one entertain oneself?

Well, one looks at random dinosaurs on the side of the road.

One informs the dog that there is no drinking and driving in this car!

One tries to count the rows of crops...

Then one tries to count all the windmills in Iowa. (do you see a pattern here?)

Finally one stares at the alien-looking red lights on the windmills and wishes the aliens would zap one out of the car to rescue one from the out of control sing-along and deposit one at Grandmother's house where there is a bowl of ice cream calling one's name and a warm bed to crawl into.

Pray for one...

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