Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Evil Cupcakes.

Warning: What you are about to read has absolutely no point.

It's Tuesday, which is now officially known as weigh-in day around here. I was not feeling too confident about tonights weigh-in. Why? Well, because I was on vacation last week and because all my good eating habits went flying straight out the window on Sunday.

Our close friends, Carla and Tyler, called Sunday afternoon and invited us over for an impromptu ham dinner. And who the hell am I to turn down ham? 

But I couldn't show up empty handed. So, when I offered to bring dessert I immediately busted out the ole mixer to whip up some cupcakes. Can someone please suggest some calorie friendly dessert recipes for me? 

I recently bought a mini-muffin pan. After some experimenting it became very obvious that the mini's were not to be. 

Seriously, the cupcakes didn't even stand up right. Damn you DC Cupcakes for putting foolish ideas in my head.

Eventually, I reverted to normal size cupcakes and almost admitted defeat. Until the idea of chocolate icing dawned on me.

Sound the horns. Alert the press. I am now capable of making the most delicious icing of all time. It's all in the mixer, baby.

I would give you my secret recipe except I am particularly exhausted tonight so you'll just have to wait.

I tried to pawn off all the cupcakes at the dinner party, but The Canadian wasn't having it. Hello! Does he not understand that I have NO will power and am not capable of ignoring double chocolate cupcakes?

See? Jake wants a cupcake. He knows wuz up.

Stripe just wanted ham.  Traitor.

(Note: Stripe is a spotted dog. She had a stripe on her nose when she was a puppy, hence the name. Now she is just a big contradiction.)

Admittedly, I had a cupcake yesterday after work, but I'm proud to announce that I managed some self control today. Only because it is weigh-in day. All bets are off tomorrow. Unless The Canadian ate them all. Which he probably did.


Workout: Cardio - 50 minutes. Easy day. I'm tired.

Week 2 Weigh-In: Lost 5 pounds. The scale must be broken.

Total Loss: 9 pounds

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