Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Why the 90's Rocked.

We were invited to our friend Adam's birthday party this past weekend. The invite had a photo of Vanilla Ice so obviously the theme was the 90's. Ice, Ice, Baby. I loved him! The Canadian and I immediately decided to go to the party...but this whole 'theme' thing was causing me some stress. Seriously, the '90's were like yesterday. I don't feel like much has changed in the world of pop culture. I tried to think back to my 90's fashion but I could not come up with anything worthy of a costume. I mean sure, I had frizzy hair, I carried a pager, I wore Keds -- but I was not cool. I don't blame my (lack) of style on the 90's fashions. I blame it solely on my dorkiness.

Anyway, I was incorrect about the lack of 90's style in the world. It was all out on display at the party and it was hilarious.

First off, the Chuck Taylor All-Stars. With the leg warmer socks. And the pinch rolled jeans. I totally wore my jeans like that. But with Keds. I was cool. Obviously.

Oh, the side fanny pack! Dear Lord, who invented that? They ought to be shot.

Seriously, why does Becca own that?

Sheldon's might have been the best outfit of the night. Fantastically high waisted jeans with a button-up shirt over a black turtleneck and a gold cross over the shirt. Classic.

The best part? He wore this over the turtleneck ensemble. That would be a one piece snow suit.

Plenty of people were rocking out the Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain plaid flannel. That was never really my thing, although it does look strangely comfortable. Do you think I could bring that look back?

The birthday boy himself went with a white boy version of Boys II Men. I loved them!

Although we go...til the end of the road...still I can't let go...

Motownphilly, anyone?

John showed up sporting the Nautica sailor look. Adidas cross-trainers. Rolled up jeans. Striped rugby shirt. Wind breaker jacket. It was perfect.

And then there was Craig in the rolled down overalls paired with an NWA sweatshirt and bandana.

Are we all familiar with N.W.A? It stands for something inappropriate, so I won't tell you. N.W.A was one of the original rap groups in the early 90's.

Dr. Dre? Ice Cube? Eazy-E? (may he rest in peace) All part of N.W.A. If you have never heard of them, don't look it up. You won't be impressed. In fact, you may or may not be insulted.

But the cutest costume? This guy. Get it? He's in his 90's. Haahahahah...

It was like looking into my future. It's a good thing The Canadian looked cute in elastic waist pants pulled up to his chin. I can just picture us in our rocking chairs...


Workout: Cardio - 45 minutes (I was borded. hungry. bad tv. blah) Weights - legs, back, abs

Weigh-in tomorrow!

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