Friday, March 25, 2011

Thanks Dad!

Do I not have the cutest Dad ever? This is back when he used to have hair. These days, he's bald. By choice. A few years ago he had a bet going with his staff over some boring work related thing. Something silly, like making their quota for whatever it is they sell... Anyway, after years of making the same bet and never loosing, he finally lost -- and shaved his head. Finally, some pour brunette was spared bleaching her hair. So, he shaved it, loved it and has been bald ever since.

I know he's this big, bad boss man to a lot of people but to me he's just my dad. I have spent my entire life trying to wrap him around my little finger. It's a never ending battle.

I have had some success over the years. When I was about 8 years old I did talk him into buying me a pink 10 speed bike. Ha! My mom was not impressed with that one.

And I continuously talked him into sending me to camp every summer. Although, he may have done that for my mother's sanity.

When I was really little I put my duckie stuffed animal in his suitcase when he traveled so he wouldn't forget who I was. And you know what? He always brought me back a present.

Somehow I even convinced him to let me stay in college when I brought home dismal grades. That took some major convincing. I had to play the I'm-your-first-born/favorite-daughter card.

Oh, and then there was the matter of my wedding. It was a small (read: BIG), simple (read: EXTRAVAGANT) affair. But to my knowledge, he didn't say a word. Right when we were about to walk down the aisle I decided I wanted to take off my VERY expensive shoes and go barefoot. I had already tripped in my shoes and was feeling very wobbly. When I told him this he gave me his look and told me to not be ridiculous. I don't think he thought my mother would appreciate a barefoot daughter. Then I really started to panic as the last bridesmaid walked away and I looked at him and said, "I can't wear these shoes!" And he said nonchalantly, "Okay, take them off." And then I made him swear not to tell my mother.

Anyway, he has decided my sister needs some chaperoning on her move across the country. So he's sending me to Denver tomorrow. Me, the mature, older, level headed, responsible, calm, drama free child. He's tried to make it out like it's going to be a vacation for me, but I'm no fool. I know that I'm being sent because no one else is crazy enough to attempt four days in the car with my sister.

Today she wrote this on my Facebook wall:
     Roses are red,
     People walk on feet,
     I'm in charge of the music,
     And you can sit in the backseat.
Case in point.

Please start praying for us me.


Workout: Cardio - 75 minutes, Weights - back, legs, abs

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  1. I love that in the picture with you, Scott and Judy, their shorts are pretty much the same length!
    And in that last picture, I thought you were Sarah at first! Definitely those Fry genes!