Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My Birds.

(Note: That is not a growth coming out of the top of my head. The bird is on the table and I am leaning over it like some sort of circus performer causing my pony tail to look like an abscess or sideways Snookie poof. Continue looking at the poof in order to ignore the massive vein popping out of my gi-normous forehead. Thanks.)
I had a whole list of chores and projects to get done this week. I figured with a whole week off and only four days of road tripping I would have plenty of time to get some stuff down around the house. Man, when did I get so old? Isn't spring break supposed to be about beer, sand, and staying out of jail? Anyway, I didn't take into account my pure and unadulterated laziness. It's amazing how few hours are in the day when you only get out of your pajamas at 2.00pm.

I have managed to check one project off my list. And by one, I mean half. Maybe a quarter.

A month has passed since our bedroom was painted and our new furniture was delivered. It is about time some decoration finds it's way in there, don't ya think?

Well, I got one wall done. Hey, it's better than nothing!

These mirror birds were a wedding gift from my girl, Mary. Just to get you up to speed, my one year anniversary is coming up - which means I've been keeping these birds safe in their cage for one year -just waiting for the perfect spot to come along.

Mary's super talented boyfriend made them. He's an amazing stained glass and unique mirror artist in Asheville, North Carolina. You can check him out on Etsy at his store - Dennis Smith's Fluxglass (click on it). It's awesome - birds, horses, states, letters, you name it. Reasonably priced too. Please don't let my horrific and insulting photography deter you from admiring his work.

Mary and I were college roommates along with our other (better) half, Jen.

Get it? Three birds = Three amigos. Pure cheese. But I like it anyway.

You could not find three more opposite personalities, styles, and lives if you tried. From conservative to liberal, blonde to red to brunette, married with kids to married to single, corporate to government employee, trendy to sloppy (me)...You name it, we're opposite.

That's us. A perfect triangle.

We put the fun in dysfunctional.

And we love each other in all of our dysfunctional glory.

I hung them directly across from the bed, right where I can see them. Every time I look at my birds another ridiculous memory pops in my head and I can't help but laugh. Man, I miss my girls.


PS - The Canadian and I are heading out on a road trip to Quebec City tomorrow. Just wait until you see the what the hotel looks like - it's a castle! Good thing I'm an expert at channeling my inner princess.


Workout: Cardio - 60 min, Weights - triceps, chest, abs

Week 1 weigh-in: 4 pounds lost. I'm awesome. No, I don't expect this every week. But I'm going to go ahead and be excited while it lasts. 

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