Tuesday, March 8, 2011

New Lens = Awesomeness

Today is Monday and I didn't go to work. Wanna know why? It's March Break, people. The is the Canadian equivalent of Spring Break - a whole entire week off in the middle of March. We slept in, went out to breakfast and did a whole lot of nothing today.

Well that's not true. I did do one tiny little thing. I played with my new camera lens. After breakfast The Canadian took me to the local camera store and bought me a new lens that I have been lusting after. We're going on vacation this week so he thought it would be nice for me to have it for our trip. I just love it when he supports my useless hobbies.

When we got home I went in search of my camera bag that is buried somewhere in the bowels of our basement. I couldn't find it but I did find my 300mm zoom lens. It wasn't really lost, I just didn't think it was compatible with my digital camera. I've had my digital camera for six years but I got this lens eight years ago for my film camera (which by the way is a Canon Rebel also, just a different version). I tried to use it on my digital camera when I got it but I swear it didn't fit. When I tried it again today, six years later, it miraculously fit. Don't ask. I must have been having a brain fart when I tried it all those years ago.

Anyway, it was like getting two new lens today. So that's what I spent my afternoon doing - fiddling with my new 50mm fixed lens. I was totally going to cook something and get some food shots but I didn't have much in the way of groceries. Plus, it was gross outside and I didn't feel like going shopping. Plus, I'm lazy.

So I dug around and grabbed the first thing I saw for some photographic experimentation.

Coffee. This is taken with my base/everyday/stock lens.

This is with my awesome new 50mm lens. See how you get that nice bokeh (blurriness) in the background?

Here's some wine glasses with my normal lens.

Here they are with my new lens. Much better. Subtle, but better. Compare the two. Pretend you're playing photo hunt at a touch screen game at your local watering hole.

See the kettle?

Now see the kettle go bye bye? Off it goes into a colorful artsy aura.

Normal lens.

This lens is meant for low light, stills and portraits. I may have taken 300 photos of the dog today. This thing was born for portraits.

I couldn't help it. It's so crisp and clear and fast.

What? I'm a dork and I find these things exciting. I can't help it. I need a life.

Workout: Nothing. I need a day of recovery, it's been ten days in a row. Plus my neck hurts. Plus I'm going bowling have no plans tonight. Leave me alone. And yes, I know that tomorrow is weigh-in day - I've been counting my calories in preparation thankyouverymuch.

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