Thursday, January 12, 2012

About Today.

Welcome to my new morning routine. Green tea. Excuse me, organic green tea. Good bye coffee, we are no longer friends in the morning. You can take your delicious cream and sugar and go find a new home. You and your evil calories and chemicals are not welcome here anymore.

It's not that I don't love coffee. I do. So much. But a recent sit down with the book Skinny Bitch somehow convinced me to trade in my cup o' joe for the nutritiously magical yet horridly boring green tea. Excuse me, organic green tea. Don't confuse the two, please.

When I arrived at work this morning I pulled into a parking lot full of 800 teenagers.

It was freezing cold. At this point I was wondering 1) what the heck was going on and 2) why had I decided to forgo boots this morning and opted for cute little flats. Bad decision. Standing around waiting in the equivalent of bare feet for a fire alarm to be turned off for 30 minutes is only a good time if it's opposite day. Which by the way, it is not. According to my calendar its not until the fifth week of the month.

It was just about then that I was really wishing I had a hot cup of coffee to keep me warm. Stupid Skinny Bitch reading.

Anyway, it's snowing now. The forecast called for the storm to start around 7pm so I headed to the gym earlier than usual to try and beat the icy roads. When I walked back to my car at 6:50 the heavens opened with a fury.

As much as I hate to admit it, the snow really is pretty. And so silent. Everything is quiet when it snows. I'm not sure I'll ever get used to it. The streets are covered now in a six inch blanket, yet probably not enough to close school tomorrow. Which means I'll have to get up early enough to scrape off my car after I finish my morning cup of green tea. Excuse me, organic green tea. Don't you worry, my awesome snow boots will definitely be on my feet in the morning.

Meanwhile, my beloved is out for an evening of skiing with his buddies and I am home by myself. And you know what? I'm lonely. Maybe a little bored too. But you know what I'm not bored enough to do? Read another page of Skinny Bitch. Any more reading and I may be forced to give up another vice. Like wine.

Yeah right, like that's going to happen.

Happy Friday!

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