Friday, January 6, 2012

Just Yell If You Fall.

You know what's awesome? 

I'll tell you what's awesome. When your husband and his best friend climb on top of the roof to do some work.

It's only like 800 feet in the air. No biggie. 

Certainly not worthy of me having a heart attack all day.

After all, they are using the very best and safest equipment. Including a very safe, yet busted piece of wood scrap.

Thankfully, Tyler is always ready with a little comedic relief to ease the tension.

I'm not sure there is enough dancing in the world to counter The Canadian's intense focus though.

Hi Honey! Please don't fall down and break your neck. Or your leg, for that matter. Even a toe would be kind of annoying. Actually, why don't you just stay up there where its safe and I'll call a helicopter to come pick you up and bring you back safely to the ground. Okay, great. I'll be right back.

I would like to point out that he was using safety lines for the majority of the day. Except for the times when he wasn't. Which wasn't often. Just when he was on top of the roof. Not when he was on the ladder. Or something like that. I've confused myself now.

Holy moly. That's awfully high. Hey wait! How did I get higher than you?! I'm getting off this porch. I think I'm getting altitude sickness. 

Okay then. Just yell if you need help fall, alright?

Okay, great. 

Oh, nice purple harness by the way.

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