Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Resolutions and a Walk Down Memory Lane.

Tonight I planned to tell y'all about my wonderful resolutions that I totally plan to accomplish this year. As I started searching through my hard drive to find some photos to go with my goals I ended up digging way back into the beginning of 2011. That got me thinking about all the great times of 2011, thus I have changed my tune for this post. Oh, I'm still going to tell you about my resolutions but first let's take a little trip down memory lane and revisit the past year. Keep in mind, I haven't included every single major or fun event. If I did, we'd be here until next month and I'd probably max out my photo capacity. As it is, you'll probably be in photo over-drive. You can thank me later.

Let's begin last January.

We got wholloped with some of the craziest snow this town has ever seen. The snow just kept comin' and comin'. Our house was one big icicle and I wasn't entirely sure we would ever dig ourselves out.

But the snow brought good things too. All that fresh snow meant the perfect conditions for snowshoeing, cross country skiing and down hill skiing. Cheers to a Southern girl learning new winter activities!

I also learned how to use all the fancy tools in my kitchen. Now I'm a lean-mean-domestic-rockstar-machine. Please don't burst my bubble here, folks. I know that the truth is that all I really make is a mess.

For spring (and I use that term verrrry loosely) break, The Canadian and I ventured out across New Brunswick and headed to Northern Quebec. We pretended it was our honeymoon and had a fantastic time battling the weather and traveling around.

In the spring my sister decided to move from Denver to the Big Apple. I flew out to help with the packing and moving and general supervision. God knows she needed it. I kid! I kid! Anyway, as we drove through the country we stopped along the way to visit my Grandmother in Iowa. Her breakfast table looked just like it always has and made me feel like a kid again.

We also stopped in Pittsburg where I had the pleasure of meeting my sister's friends, Liz and George. We had a wonderful time with them too. Hi Liz!

Finally we ended up in the big city where we toured Carlo's Bakery and took a million photos of us tormenting the Empire State Building. We're mature like that.

April rolled around and TC and I celebrated our one year wedding anniversary. We took this photo on our way to dinner and made a plan to take a photo of ourselves on every anniversary. Can someone please send me a reminder in April to take a photo for our 2nd anniversary? Thanks.

As the snow started melting, TC finally had the chance to get out and enjoy his Christmas present from me. What on Earth I was thinking by buying him a skateboard is beyond me. But so far we haven't had one single trip to the ER or the vet. Keep those fingers crossed.

All that snow melted into a giant mess in our ceilings. Finally in May the construction guys came in and ripped out all of our ceilings to repair the water damage. Good times. Thankfully, I was only there for part of it because by then it was time for camp.

For the summer we ventured back down to Maine to spend our millionth summer working on the lake at the beautiful camp where we met seven years ago. We traveled through New England, hung out with friends and even got to fly in a water plane over camp.

When camp was over we came back to Moncton and went back to work. Fortunately, TC's best friends owns a sail boat that we are lucky enough to sail on regularly. Even though I spend most of my sailing time convinced we're going to tip over, it was still a good time. Actually, I'm looking forward to it next year. Just don't tell the boys I said that.

In October I ran the Race for the Cure and it was my first 5k that I have ever run without walking! I credit all of you who supported me and gave me the motivation I needed. Plus, I really didn't want to have to blog about how pathetic my running skills were had I walked part of it.

In the fall we took advantage of the great weather and did a little apple picking. My first trip to the apple orchard and although I still don't really love apples, I really liked riding behind the tractor. 

The leaves turned amazing colors this year. Unlike anything I'd ever seen. I was sad to see them go but while they were brilliant I managed to snap my favorite photo of all time. Ole Gray Beard. She's ready for the snow now. Nothing is more fun than chasing a snow ball.

When the leaves were gone and the weather started changing American Thanksgiving finally rolled around. I prayed and prayed to the Turkey Gods and my wish came true. The turkey was not saw dust! Now that I've conquered the 25 pound turkey I'm setting my sights on finding a 30 pounder next year. Do those even exist? I'm also going to need more friends to come eat all that turkey. Any takers?

Right after Thanksgiving was over, The Canadian and I decided to get in the holiday spirit and go out and buy our first Christmas tree. We were slackers last year but this year we went all out and brought home a whopping five foot tree! Rockefellar Center has nothin' on us.

To end the year we flew to Atlanta and spent an amazing Christmas with my family and friends. A great end to a great year.

With all that awesomeness in mind...let's talk about 2012.

I've got my work cut out for me, people. I might not have time to eat or sleep.

2012 Resolutions:

- Run the BlueNose Half Marathon in May.
- Learn how to use my sewing machine. Prove it by making 2 throw pillows.
- Read 15 books. Blogs are great but they are not books.
- Take more photos with people in them. Like TC. Like me. Like my friends.
- Save more money. Yes, I have an actual amount in mind but I'll keep it to myself.
- Finish classes for my B.Ed.
- Go back to eating "real" dinners during the week. Soup in a can doesn't count.
- Learn how to shoot in RAW and use PhotoShop. No more excuses.
- Watch/read the news daily. I need to stop living with my head buried in the sand.
- Back up my computer. I was reminded of this when I dropped my laptop today. PS - It survived.
- Organize my desk and pantry. I plan on taking care of that this week, actually.
- I forgot! Last one... Make a cook book of all the "go-to" recipes that my mom and her friends ("The Sisters") use. Sisters, are y'all on board? We, the children, want your recipes in one condensed book. Think of all the emails it will save us.

 So, what do you think? Reasonable? I think so.

Totally doable.

I got it.

I'm on it.

No prob, Bob.

Wish me luck!


  1. Again, we are totally related...numbers 2,3,4,5 and 8 are on my list. And I want a copy of that cookbook when you get it!