Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Walk In the Park.

We got a bit of snow this past weekend. Not too much and it has mostly melted since, which is weird for January in Canada. I'm starting to wonder if perhaps Mother Nature forgot about us and we'll be skipping winter altogether. 

The dogs were bored. I could tell. Maple was aimlessly wandering through the house and stopping by to rest her head on my leg every ten minutes or so. Hobie was laying in the dining room staring off into space. The Canadian was restless as well and finally had his fill of the Discovery Channel. Lord, I thought that day would never come. I, of course, was content to play on my laptop while cuddled up in my new soft blanket instead of going outside to brave the snow and ice. Alas, I was dragged outside to go for a walk at the park.

We're fortunate enough to have a great park with walking trails right down the street. 

And let's be honest, the reason I really went was because I'm always looking for a reason to wear my new snow boots. Which, by the way, I happen to love so much that it almost makes living in this snowy tundra worth it.

As soon as we got into the park Maple immediately tore through the bushes in search of a stick.

Hobie is happy to just walk along beside her master, but Maple has to run in circles like a mad woman.

It looks for a minute like she will walk alongside The Canadian like a nice obedient dog...

but then she's gone again. Probably off trying to find a break in the icy creek so she can go for a swim.

Sometimes I think Hobie is part polar bear. Those giant legs and her umpa-loompa walk just don't always resemble a canine.

Don't be fooled by the pretty white snow. No pretty paw prints were left in the snow, just skid marks made by my four legged monster. Lurking beneath the snow was slippery ice that sent Maple flying on more than one occasion. Visions of emergency trips to the vet were dancing like sugarplum ferries in my head. 

Can you imagine? Yes Dr. Vet, my dog is a complete fool and ran across icy paths for an hour today, while under my supervision no less, and managed to dislocate her hip and tear her ACL. She has no regard for icy paths. She only cares about her stick. Oh, that will be $2000? Great. Let me write you a check. I hope your kids enjoy their trust fund.

He's such a boy, that Canadian husband of mine. He can't just walk down the icy hills. No, he wants to slide down them. Like every mother on the planet has always said, it's all fun and games until somebody gets hurt. Not that anyone did get hurt, I just like to remind him of that fun little diddy to amuse myself.

You'd think by the end of a hike in which she ran sprints after her stick for an hour Maple would be worn out. You'd be wrong. I mean seriously dog, put your tongue back in your mouth. It's a little embarrassing when it flops around like that.

And no, I won't throw your stick. I don't care how loud you bark. You know what? 
No stick for you!

hahaha. I kill myself.

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