Friday, January 20, 2012

A List of Six.

I went to the grocery store to buy salmon tonight. While I was at it I picked up a pair of cupcake socks from the 'hygiene' isle. I hate how they label it 'hygiene'. It's called soap and deodorant, people. After a major sock shortage last winter (because people from Florida don't own socks) my MIL has sufficiently stocked me with so many socks that my sock drawer is bursting. That's right, I have so many socks that they have their own drawer. But cupcake socks? I couldn't resist. It's going to be like a birthday party in my boots tomorrow.

I wear mascara. Sometimes blush if I'm feeling frisky. But thats it. There are two reasons for my lack of make-up: laziness and lack of cosmetic knowledge. I don't know how to put the darn stuff on. I'm hopeless when it comes to my eyes. Smokey, smudged? What's the difference? However, my new years resolution of taking more photos with me in them has served only to illustrate that I resemble Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. It's also become blatantly clear that my lack of lip color makes me look like a corpse. So today I went to the only department store in town and forked over some cash for professionally chosen Clinique colors. It's like high school all over again! Except it didn't come with a sweet make-up bag. Watch out world, tomorrow I'm wearing powder and gloss. It's a whole new era.

The Canadian has been a busy man lately. Working and starting graduate school takes up most of his time. He's so busy that last night he needed both laptops to manage all the work he had to get done. I can only assume that this is why he can't find the time to shut the cabinet door! It's painfully obvious when he's been in the kitchen. Or the laundry room. Or any other room that has a cabinet. This habit is a new development and I can only assume it is stress related. Let's remember, I love him no matter what. Cosed cabinet doors, or not.

You know what I found in a box buried in the basement last week? My glasses. Totally normal, right? They've been there for no less than a year. I totally forgot what it's like to see writing clearly. I like to think that I've mastered the hot librarian look now. Especially with my new lip gloss.

Maple would like everyone to know that she is neglected. Thanks to the -18 temperatures over the past week her walks have become almost nonexistent. Therefore, she would like you all to sign a petition requiring her mom to buck up and brave the frigid air. I'd like to warn you that if you sign this petition I'll be forced to come find you, drag you up here to the tundra and send you out into the cold in your underwear. You won't like it. I promise.

Calling all iPhone users - do you use 8 Minute Abs app? Is this an old phenomenon but I've been living under a rock and didn't know about it until recently? Regardless, it's awesome. It's eight abdominal exercises that require no equipment. The app tells you the exercise, counts of the reps, plays music and builds in 90 seconds of breaks throughout. It's a real punch in the face too. You'll grunt. You'll sweat. You'll curse my name for introducing you to it.

You'll thank me later.

Have a fun weekend!

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