Monday, January 23, 2012

Our Sunday Breakfast Tradition and the Newest Member.

For the past several years The Canadian and his bestie Tyler have been meeting for breakfast every Sunday morning. Right in between our two houses is a family run diner that has been a staple in our town for as long as anyone can remember. 

Since moving up here last year, I've started tagging along for Sunday breakfast pretty much every week. Tyler's wife, Carla, also crashes the party most Sundays. I mean, we have to be there to remind the boys of all the things we need them to get done that day. Plus we need to get an accurate update on what's going on in everyone's life because God knows that the boys aren't very good at collecting information without a female's supervision. 

In an effort to add another girl to our table, Carla and Tyler brought their sweet baby girl along this weekend for her first trip to a restaurant. 

And what a place to venture out too. Hynes serves up greasy breakfast like nobody's business. 

One month old and already learning about the glory of a greasy spoon breakfast. I see you droolin' girl, no shame in that.

It's never too early to learn the ropes of ordering a breakfast special. The bottomless cup of coffee is worth its weight in gold. And I know what you're thinking - Kate, you said you gave up coffee for green tea! Yeah, relax. It was the weekend. Besides, rules are meant to be broken.

Baby Gwen was a champ through breakfast, seemingly enjoying herself while the four of us chatted and inhaled coffee. 

I tried to offer her some of my homefries (aka hash browns) but she politely declined. I can't imagine why, I put enough ketchup on them to feed a small country. 

If Gwen plays her cards right she just might be lucky enough to join in our little tradition on a permanent basis. 

Wouldn't that be fun if we were all still sitting down for breakfast at Hynes in another 30 years? I can just picture us with blue hair, canes, walkers, orthopedic shoes and dentures. Okay, maybe not the blue hair part. If that ever happens just go ahead and put me out of my misery.

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