Sunday, January 22, 2012

What One Does.

What does one do when a minor snow storm hits on a Friday afternoon?

Well, one's husband promptly leaves her stranded to go skiing with his friend.

And clearly one's husband must keep warm by wearing his fancy new hat. Slash beard. Slash mustache.

The one lies down on the couch to lament her life in this frozen tundra.

And one curses her southern driving skills that keep her from being able to go bowling as planned.

One also mourns the missed trip to the wine shop to pick up a bottle of well-deserved red.

With nothing better to do, one begins cleaning. First the bathroom, then the floors.

Then with a suddenly clean house, one decides to have some friends come over.

So one then channels her dear friend who is perhaps one of the best hostesses she knows.

One then proceeds to light candles, set out an array of her favorite mismatched wine glasses, a bottle of wine that was hidden in the cabinet, the corkscrew and a bowl of trail mix. This way her guests know that they are welcome in her home.

Then. Then one drinks a delicious glass of wine and enjoys her company.

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