Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Boy And His Balloon.

This photo has been making me laugh since I took it last week in Atlanta when we were visiting my friend Jen and her family.

I just love this photo of her husband, Nathan, and they're son Connor. They're best friends.

I love that Connor had to survive a haircut that morning to earn the blue balloon.

I love that Connor suddenly became re-interested in the balloon at the exact moment his sister discovered it.

I love that Nathan said, "Connor, don't do it" as he simultaneously put his hands over his face because he knew that balloon was coming his way no matter what he said.

But what I really love is the expression on Connor's face. Imagine his surprise when that balloon bounced off his dad's face and came rocketing back at his own.

Sometimes you just gotta learn the hard way. I feel your pain, kiddo. I feel your pain.

No children were harmed in the shooting of this photo. 
This has been a public service announcement. 

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