Friday, January 27, 2012

What A Day.

What a day, what a day, what a day.

When I arrived at work I slipped on ice getting out of my car. As I fell into my door it slammed into the car next to me. Which is always awesome. I also managed to give my back a good whack in the process.

Not one to be thrown off by a rough start, I went about my business.

An hour into the morning someone went for a coffee run and things were looking up.

Then I got the short end of the stick on some work related stuff which lead to me falling down several stairs and landing once again on my back but this time with another person on top of me. On the up side, no Jeep Cherokees were damaged in the process. Not that I left a mark on that car or anything.

Anyway, I got home to find my computer tied up because someone who shall remain nameless needed microphone capabilities. This lead to me and Maple Girl snuggling up in bed and knocking out a good chunk of the Hunger Games.

Here's my point, I was in a mood by the end of it. So I headed to the gym. On my way out the door I noticed that the moon was a perfect crescent with the North Star shining brightly next to it. Just like in the movies. I grabbed my camera as it seemed the perfect opportunity to try some night time shots.

I drove down the street to the park hoping to get a light-post free view.

Instead I found an ice skating rink. Right in the middle of the grass. It had benches and everything. And it was packed. Interestingly enough, it was full of women and boys. I mean, maybe they were working on their double axels but I'm going to go ahead and assume it was hockey related.

Here's the lesson:

Wear gloves, not mittens, when using your camera in order to prevent loss of finger tips.

Don't hang around kids with your camera. Creepster alert.

I suck at taking night photos. 

When you take your camera with you on your way to the gym and it's below freezing out, you'll have to take your camera into the gym because it might freeze and break if you leave it in the car. Again, creepster alert.

Randomly discovering an ice skating rink and random photo ops were the highlight of my day.

The second highlight was running another six miles tonight. BOOM!

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