Wednesday, May 18, 2011

13 Months and 14 Days. A Review.

Today marks 13 months and 14 days of marriage for The Canadian and I (me and The Canadian?). It's safe to say that we have successfully survived our first year of marriage.

Since that glorious evening in Atlanta there have been lots of new adventures and learning experiences that came with being newly weds and moving to a different country.

Let's take a photo tour of our amazing wedding and review all that has happened in the past 13 months and 14 days.

I got a new last name, which is a big deal. It's an even bigger deal when you're a teacher. It confuses the kids and they end up combining the new with the old thus making a ridiculous last name.

I quit my job. And still don't really have another one yet.

I retired my American Blackberry and my long-standing phone number. It was replaced by a Canadian iPhone that serves essentially as a Words With Friends device since no American wants to call a Canadian number and no Canadians have cell phones with which to text. Thus I have learned to embrace the house phone again.

I became a Permanent Resident of Canada. Not to worry, I'm not allowed to vote or run for office so Canada is safe from my American ways...for now.

I learned how to bake a chicken breast, boil potatoes, bake salmon and steam vegetables. Turns out that not everyone enjoys cereal for dinner like I do.

I gained 15 pounds. And then lost 17 pounds.

I learned how to Skype. It was a matter of survival being this far away from my girls.

I learned how to use a snow blower. But let's keep that between you and me. I don't need TC remembering that little detail.

I learned how to bake a decent cake and cupcakes. Which may be part of the weight gain mentioned earlier....

I've come to understand Celsius. Kind of. Basically, any negative number = cold.

I learned how to successfully clean Newfoundland slobber off the walls. Also, learned exactly how much slobber a Newfoundland is capable of spraying.

(Note: That is one gigantic cheese cake.)

I've driven from Florida to Maine. And I've driven from Colorado to New York. Both without major incident.

Three of my best friend's have had really cute babies. But I still don't want one.

I learned how to snow shoe and cross country ski without breaking any bones or incurring any brain trauma.

I drank wine in a snow fort.

I learned that pedicures are not necessary when you spend 10 months of the year wearing boots.

I've painted our entire house. Literally. Except the hallway, but it is on my list.

I've learned that I can survive without two cups of Starbucks everyday. Although, I'm still not sure how that is possible.

I've learned to appreciate the US $1 bill. And all the green-ness of American money. Loonies and toonies are annoying.

And finally, I learned that I am one damn lucky chica.

I have the best husband, the best friends and the best family.

It is thanks to these fine people that I've kept my sanity intact.

Oh yeah. And these lovely folks that I like to call Mom and Pops. They sort of kind of made it all possible. Aren't they the cutest parents EVER?

**ALL photos courtesy of Anna and Spencer Photography. I highly recommend them.


Workout: Cardio - 90 minutes from 2 spin classes, Weights - none. my body hurts.

Week 11 Weigh-In: 2 pounds lost. ye-ah!

Total Lost: 17 pounds

Total Remaining: 3 pounds -- Final Weigh-In next week!! Fingers crossed.

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  1. great pics, great wedding, great first year of marriage! Congrats!