Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Letters to Important People.

Dear Garbage,

Thank you for leaving my basement and making your way to the curb for the city-wide spring clean up. Many folks have enjoyed picking through you. If you mind your manners, perhaps someone will take the hexagonal night stand home and love it just as The Canadian did for so many years. 

Good riddance, The non-hoarder

 Note: Every curb looks like this, its not just us. The annual big garbage day is this week.


Dear Uggs,

I'm sorry to wear you under my trouser jeans, but it is the middle of May and the temperature has plummeted to 43 degrees. And it's been raining for days. I tried to put you away when I thought spring arrived, but I was mistaken. We'll try again next week. Surely by June you'll be enjoying your retirement in the closet.

Love, My feet


Dear Book,

I love you. However, I must finish reading you quickly as I have been neglecting my husband since you came into my life yesterday. What? You're right. He'll survive.

Love, Your completely enthralled reader

Dear Neighbor,

Thank you for putting out this old ginormous window for big garbage week. I don't know what on Earth I'm going to do with it, but I love it anyway. In fact, I sat staring at it for a solid 10 minutes trying to think of a use for it before getting out in the rain to jam it into my car. Maybe one day I will find the energy and creativity to strip it, paint it and do something cool with it.

Cheers, Your lazy and uncreative neighbor


Dear Hobie,

You smell. Please grow an opposable thumb and then call to schedule a grooming appointment for yourself. I'll leave the number on the counter. Thanks.

Love, Your owner who knows how to get to the pound

Dear Breast Cancer,

I wish you didn't exist. However, thanks to you and your research there was a fund raiser at work today. For a mere $5 donation I bought the right to wear jeans for the day. Here's to you and your demise.

Love, My mother's daughter/Denim lover

Dear Father-in-Law,

Thanks so much for making never ending amounts of homemade red wine. I am forever grateful.

Love, Your son's wallet

Dear Spin,

It has been a while since we hung out. Actually, almost a year. It wasn't anything you did...I just lacked the motivation to drive across town to check out my new gym. But after venturing out tonight I am happy to tell you that we can now go back to being best friends. I went to two back to back classes tonight and so I may change my opinion of you tomorrow. But for now, we're friends again. I've missed you.

Love, My sore butt and legs

PS - I'm sorry for being that girl taking photos with my iPhone from the back row. Please don't ban me.


Workout: Cardio  - 90 minutes (2 spin classes), Weights - biceps, shoulders

Week 10 Weigh-In: Lost 3 pounds!!! That's right. I'm awesome. And it is about damn time.

Total Lost:  15 pounds

Remaining: 5 pounds (in 2 weeks...actually, 2 weeks and 4 days. But who's counting?)

1 comment:

  1. Your book is a jerk!

    Your Window is dirty!(but cool)
    The dog thinks it is you that smells!
    The hexagonal night stand is a fine piece of craftmanship
    You must not care too much about your boots because you put them away covered in salt!
    You should ride a real bike in the real world with your husband!
    I have nothing for homemade wine and jean days for great causes!