Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Challenge. The Sandwich and Other Nonsense.

I told you all about the Michael Todd Challenge last week. Well, I made it to Round 2. That's right, I tied for 1st place in Round 1 thus assuring myself a spot in Round 2. What?!

Coming off of Round 1 the field was narrowed to 20 contenders. We were split into four groups of five people. The top two from each group will advance to Round 3 later in the week. 

Today was the big day -- the questions were distributed this afternoon. We were given 13 hours to submit our answers and tasks.

The questions were ridiculous as usual and even more public. In order to have our answers scored we were required to change our Facebook status to "I made it to the final 20, I want to win so bad I could poop!" That means that 20 of my nearest and dearest friends all posted that lovely quote on Facebook tonight. Nice.

Some examples of the questions:

1. True or False?

2. North, East, South or West?

3. Up or Down?

4. What is the most amount of push-ups I have done in one set?
    a) 128    b) 118   c) 108   d) 98   e) 88

Do huh? What just happened here? I have no idea.

But the kicker, the one that had everyone scratching their head:

What is significant about the following sentence: Imagine some awkward essay omitting e!

No lie, I spent hours trying to figure this one out. Google was no help and I eventually busted out the Banana Gram tiles to help me rearrange the letters. Still didn't work.

But think about it. It must be a code or an anagram or something. Why use the word 'some' instead of 'an'? And why use the word 'essay'? Why not 'paper' or 'article'? Those are awkward word choices.

In my research I did stumble upon an interesting tid-bit. Did you know the novel Gadsby is a lipogram? The book contains 50,000 words and not one of those words contains the letter 'e.' I can't write one sentence without that letter. See? I just used the letter 'e' like 8,000 times.

Either way, my best guess is lipogram. If you can come up with a better answer please let me know.

Also, there was a photo task. We had to take a photo of ourself enjoying a sandwich.

I wasn't hungry at all.

But I ate my fluffernutter sandwich like a champ anyway.

TC was supposed to eat the sandwich after I took one bite and he snapped the photo.

But he kept snapping away until the whole thing was gone and he was off the hook. Cheater.

I'll keep you posted but I think I'm going to pull a Bon Jovi -- I'm goin' down in a blaze of glory.


Workout: Cardio - 30 minutes, Weights - triceps, chest, abs, legs

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