Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Bike Rack Ordeal.

I'm happy to report that both The Canadian and I are now recovered from the worst case of the flu known to man kind. Seriously, I don't think either of us have ever been so sick in our adult lives.

Meanwhile, I had all these pictures and posts from last week but I didn't exactly get around to posting them.

In an effort to continue the celebration of spring's arrival last week I had my summer tires put on my car. After that, I begged and pleaded with TC to help me put the bike rack back on my car. It had to come off for the winter to avoid rusting and it was high time for it to go back on. It doesn't have to be's not like I use it to carry my bike or anything. It's more so that I can find my car in the parking lot. In the sea of black SUVs, it's important to stand out in the world. I tell ya, it was a long winter roaming around the grocery store parking lot. Oh, and it makes my car look more bad ass. Let's be honest, that's what is really important anyway.

This is how it went.

Note: You'll notice I was totally helping with the screwy things the whole time. not.

Me: You don't need any help, do you?

TC: No, dear. 

click. click.

Me: You look like you're concentrating really hard...

TC: **crickets chirping**

click, click, click.

Me: Am I annoying you?

click, click.

TC: If you don't stop taking my picture, I'm going to put the bike rack back in the basement.


Me: That's fine. I'll just take it to a bike shop and have them put it on. Like I did last time. It was only $50.

click, click.

TC: I will go to every bike shop in town and tell them not to help you. If they see a crazy red head...DON'T HELP HER!

Me: You're going to black ball me at ALL the bike shops?!

click, click.

click, click.

Me: Am I still annoying you? Do you still looooove me?

TC: **crickets chirping**


And you know what? He put the bike rack on. That's right, he loves me.

Well, that and he actually uses the bike racks to go biking so it was important to him.


Workout: Cardio - 15 minutes. Why? Because the AC was broken at the gym and it was 79 degrees. Weights - shoulders, biceps, abs, legs

Week 9 Weigh-In: 0 pounds lost. damn.

Total Lost: 12 pounds lost

Remaining: 8 pounds

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  1. a few things:

    1. Penny sleeps like that on my pillows too... such odd dogs we have!
    2. I love that he called you a Canadian!!!
    3. Glad to see he wears his watch :-)