Sunday, May 15, 2011

Changing Roofs.

Basically, it has been raining for the past week. It's gross and I am over it. Thankfully, everyday we have a few hours of peace. Yesterday The Canadian was feeling optimistic and decided to take advantage of the break to get the winter hard top off his Land Rover and put on the canvas soft top for summer. Even though Canada is playing dress-up and acting like it's February we're going to go ahead and call the bluff and get ready for real May weather. Ya know, just in case the temp ever decides to creep above 50F. 

Going outside to work on the truck means one thing to Hobie -- we might be going for a car ride. Just in case, she hopped in so we wouldn't leave her if we went somewhere.

She got kicked out and the hard top came off. But within 23 seconds she was back in the truck.


Practicing hanging her head out the window.

Note: Do you see this? Her head is higher than the windshield.

God knows she loves a ride with the top off. She likes to feel the wind blow through her ears.

The Canadian put the racks for the canvas top on the truck while Hobie waited patiently, never leaving the back seat.

She was getting a little tired from all the excitement so she started to lay down for a little nap.

But then I came over and started making faces at her, which she didn't appreciate it...

So, she nailed me with a big slobbery kiss. I'm still wiping the drool off my face. Gross.

After a bit the canvas top was finally put on. And Hobie was still waiting for her ride in the car. I swear, she'll wait there forever.

She got tired again but still managed to maintain her pathetic expression. She's perfected it over the years.

I know what she's thinking, Come on, man, I'm a good dog. Don't you want to go somewhere fun? Somewhere where we can leave the black dog behind??

Fine. I'll get out -- but only because you said there was a treat involved. You're a big fun sponge.

Sorry, Hobes. Maybe tomorrow we can go for a ride.


Saturday Workout: Cardio - 45 minutes (Legally Blonde was on TV. Score!), Weights - shoulders, biceps, squats, abs (I hurt my left shoulder and woke up feeling like I got hit by a truck.)

Sunday Workout: Cardio - 25 minutes (Wasn't feeling it. Needed a day off. Besides, my body hurts. I ended up laying on the mats and making a new playlist instead of doing any abdominal work. Wouldn't want the girl at the desk to think I left after 25 minutes. That would be embarrassing.)

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