Sunday, May 22, 2011

Birthday Bowling.

This weekend we celebrated our good friend John's birthday. There was some debate as to how we were going to celebrate. A trip to his cottage was suggested as was a trip to the bowling alley. Seeing as none of us are getting any younger, we opted to re-live our high school days by partying with cheap beer and good ole fashion fun at the bowling alley.

But it wasn't your average bowling, at least by my American standards. No. This was much more exciting -- candlepin bowling. There was no option here. Candlepin bowling is the only type of bowling in town. Most of them have never even been 'big ball' bowling. Plus, it's glo bowling. Or, as I know it, cosmic bowling.

There was disco ball, black lights and really awesome dance music. Perfect for us 30 something year olds (except me, I'm still 29 for another week and a half and don't you forget it!).

Apparently candlepin bowling is most common in Eastern Canada and New England. I don't know what they've got against normal bowling. Look at the pins. Can you see the funny shape? The pins are not big at the bottom. There is no top, there is no bottom.

The balls are small too. It's one size fits all. And get this...there are no holes for your fingers.

It is the weirdest sensation ever. Since the ball is only about 3 pounds and about 4 inches across it is really easy to just heave it down the alley with no aim or direction. When you're used to achy forearms from a big 10 pounds bowling ball this smaller ball isn't easy to get used to.

Also, for each turn you get to roll three times. Not two, not four. Three. And the pins aren't cleared in between rolls like in normal bowling.

When you're turn is over you're also responsible for hitting the little button to reset the balls. For the life of me I couldn't remember to hit that stupid button. I'd get halfway back to my seat and someone would yell "Button!" 

And we had to keep track of how many pins were knocked over. Since we were at a super classy place, they hooked us up with our own score sheets. They even threw in a pencil with an eraser. First class service, if you ask me.

That meant that Tyler and Jackson spent their evening keeping score, which was serious business. It's hard to count that high when drinking cheap beer from the karaoke bar that was attached to the bowling alley.

Again, this super classy place wasn't equipped with scoring computers but it did used to have the coolest thing I have ever laid eyes overhead projector. In between the two white score sheets is glass where the transparent score sheet used to be placed. Then the projector could be turned on and the scores would be shown on the ceiling. Pretty nifty, eh? It wasn't working for us but I'm pretty sure that is only because they didn't want us embarrassing everyone else with our amazing skills.

Even though this new way of bowling seems a little ridiculous it is still serious stuff. They have leagues and everything.

I've heard that some people even own their own mini bowling balls. I now have a new goal in life.

But not to worry, we kept it light and fun. Adam even managed to throw some granny shots.

It definitely helped his score. And made him look super sexy.

Did we shut the place down? Yes. Did they have to turn the lights on to make us leave? Correct. But not before I snapped an inappropriate, yet hilarious, shot of all the boys. Apparently they are still in middle school.

Here's a more appropriate shot. Please ignore the guy looking at the ball like its an alien. I don't really know where he came from (I kid, I kid. He's the cutest guy there!)


Friday Workout: Cardio - 40 minutes and 45 minute walk with the pup, Weights - biceps, back, legs, abs

Saturday Workout: Cardio - 40 minutes, Weights - triceps, legs, abs (felt like I'd been hit by a bus. short, sweet and intense)

Sunday Workout: Cardio - 30 minutes, Weights - biceps, shoulders, abs (still feel like I've been hit by a bus. my butt is killing me from all the squats and lunges)

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