Thursday, November 24, 2011

25 Centimeters of Snow Before 25 Pounds of Turkey.

1. "Due to the inclement weather (read: blizzard) we will be closing school early today. We will let you know the details of dismissal in the coming hour." Can I get a hell yeah! for a half day. Remember, it's not a holiday here. It's just a regular old week. With a blizzard. Totally normal.

2. Good thing I had my trusty dusty winter boots in the car. Too bad I had to walk a block in my cute flats to get them and then had icicles for feet by the time I got there.

3. Its almost the big day. Preparation continued today and first thing on the list was to defrost ole Tom (stop panicking - my dinner isn't until Friday). He takes up my whole sink. When I read the package it said 'defrost breast side up.' Not knowing what that meant, I had to call my mom and ask her which side that was. Legs pointing up? Legs pointing down? I should not be allowed to host Thanksgiving.

4. Having 17 people over for Thanksgiving requires having 17 chairs for said people to sit in. All hands chairs on deck! I meant to paint this lovely, gross mint green chair last year. I really meant to paint it black last month. Then I revised and planned to paint it tomorrow. Too bad that painting isn't recommended in temperatures below freezing. I'll have TC sit in it, he won't mind.

5. The tables are invading! The tables are invading! That, my friends, will be exactly 19 feet of Thanksgiving table when I get it all lined up tomorrow. I dug up every table I could find in our basement. It's going to span from the kitchen through the dining room and into the living room. It only took me an hour to iron the gigantic table cloths. No biggie.

6. While I was at it, I also went ahead and ironed and folded all of the napkins. I'm kind of a bad ass.

7. I braved the snow storm and headed to the gym for a little sweat session. When I walked in the girls at the desk cheered for me. "Yay," they cried, "Good job in surviving the storm!" Shhhh. Don't tell them that I had TC drive me there because I was too scared to drive myself.

8. I told you it was snowing. After about 30 seconds outside Hobie was well on her way to becoming a solid white Newf. Then she promptly walked inside and shook the snow all over the kitchen. Does anyone want a dog for Christmas? She's free to a good home.

9. Have I mentioned how much I love winter? Oh, I haven't? Hmmm. I wonder why not.


Today I'm thankful for... my family. I wish I was with them for Thanksgiving. Partly because they're at the beach. Partly because they're awesome.


Workout: Cardio - 30 minutes, Circuit - wall sit with 12 dumbbell shoulder press, 24 power bicep curls, 25 crunches on the ball, 10 push -ups with feet on ball, 10 squats with 40lb bar  X 3

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