Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Real Men Carve Pumpkins With Power Tools.

Yet another successful Halloween in the books. Number of tricker treaters? Zero. Number of candy bars taking up residence on my thighs? Zero. Number of pumpkins carved? Zero.

Gee, we're so much fun around here.

Last year on Halloween we had fun. I swear. I don't remember the logistics of how our pumpkin carving party came about, but for some reason a few of us decided to drink beer and play with sharp knives instead of dressing up and going out. Which, if you ask me, is always a good idea.

Since it was Halloween day when we decided to have this little shin-dig, we were all frantically running around at the last minute searching for pumpkins. As you can imagine, every grocery store's box of pumpkins was dangerously low. As it turns out only the saddest little pumpkins are left on Halloween day. Not to be deterred, we each managed to find a fairly decent pumpkin to satisfy our carving needs.

But The Canadian's...well, his pumpkin had some issues. Turns out that big warty bumps aren't just ugly. They are also tough and hard. No match for our carving knives. 

Part of what I love about The Canadian is his resourcefulness. Just call him MacGyver. 

When he realized his knife wasn't up for the task he didn't hesitate for a moment. He just walked down to the basement, grabbed his drill, and then showed that pumpkin who was boss. Like that is a totally normal reaction to carving difficulties. I would have poured another glass of wine and called it a day. 

I mean, really, why would you use a boring old knife when you can get the job done with a drill? 

I'm not sure he'll ever carve a pumpkin with a knife again. 

Note: Please ignore the unbuttoned flannel shirt over the t-shirt. His wardrobe is now supervised by his wife (ahem, cough, cough, me). That era of his life has now passed. 

Happy Halloween!


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