Friday, November 18, 2011

One Year of Blogging. It's a Miracle.

So, I'm pretty sure that last night was My Igloo Life's one year anniversary. And what did I do to celebrate this momentous occasions? Why I fell asleep on the couch and didn't write one single solitary word, of course. Congratulations to me! Happy Anniversary!

Truth be told, I love this blog. Not for any reason really. I'm not sure I could even explain why I write it. Perhaps it is my touch of OCD kicking in. I'd love to tell you that it is my creative outlet and that it is because I'm trying to record my memories. Maybe it is on some deep level of which I am unaware. But on the surface, I write it because I'm drawn to it. It gives me an excuse to take a million photos. Which gives me an excuse to practice and play with the different settings on my camera. I don't know. Maybe it's because it helps me feel a little more connected to my friends. But that doesn't make sense because blogging is a one way street. But on the other hand it does give my friends some insight into this life of mine in Canada. I don't know. Frankly, I don't really care. Doesn't really matter, does it? I write my blog because. Because I feel like it.

Anyway, over the past year I've learned a good bit about blogging. Here it is.

1. Blogs are just a glimpse into the writer's life. Everything I tell you about is real and did in fact happen. However, it's about 0.05% of my life. I figure I'll spare you the gory details from the piles of laundry and the stacks of school books and our super lazy Friday nights spent sitting on the couch and falling asleep at 9pm.

2. Blog about fun stuff. Nobody wants to read about how you or someone else is a fun-sponge. Well maybe someone does, but it ain't this girl and I ain't talking about Debbie Downer stuff. Sorry.

3. Not everything is meant to be blogged about. For instance, I bet you don't know The Canadians name. And I bet you don't know what TC and I do for a living. And I bet you don't know what our five year plan is. And I bet you don't know how we budget our money. I bet you don't even know my name.

4. Blogging will make you realize that you have been mispronouncing catchphrases and words all your life. Case in point. Case and point. End, scene! And, scene! Might as well. May as well. Mine as well. My point exactly.

5. There is such a thing as picture overload. And there is such a thing as picture underload. Post some photos, people! Just not too many. Post photos of yourself. But of other people too.  Oye, I will struggle with this forever. We can't all be The Pioneer Woman.

6. A blog can be about anything or nothing. A whole post can be written about one moment and one comment that someone made. Or a post can cover the details of an entire week. Or it could be an entry of every single meal you ate that day. It can be whatever you want. Or it can be a mix. Feel free to show major signs of ADHD like me and bounce all over the place. It puts the fun in dysFUNctional. Keeps people on their toes.

7. Have confidence. I'd actually prefer it if no one knew my blog existed and those that did know never ever said a word about it to me (except for comments. i heart comments). I write late at night when it is dark and quite. Then I fall asleep and don't give it another thought. And then someone calls me out on my blog and I'm forced to talk about my stories and other nonsense that I have long since forgotten I had mentioned. That being said, we shouldn't ever do things we aren't proud of, which means I should be proud of my blog and be happy to talk about it. There is a reason you can't find it on Facebook. 

I'm sure there is more...but talking about my blog is making me uncomfortable. I should have written about how my hair dryer died this morning thus forcing me to show up at a new job site with wet, wavy hair, looking super klassy and put together. Oh, and how I forgot to by a new hair dryer today (because I'm super smart and organized) which means I'll be showing up to another new job site tomorrow in the same condition. 

If we run into each other on the street tomorrow just pretend you don't know me. I won't mind. Oh, and for God's sake, don't mention my blog to me either because I'll turn beat red and that just won't help my hair situation. Okay, thanks for understanding.


Today I'm thankful, the internet and all of Steve Jobs' creations.


Wednesday Workout - Cardio: 30 minutes

Thursday Workout - Cardio: 30 minutes, Weights: triceps, biceps, squats, abs


  1. happy 1 year! i'm right there with you. when anyone i know mentions my blog, i get all sweaty and embarrassed.

  2. I know both of your names and what you two do for a living! Ha!

  3. I heart your blog.