Thursday, November 3, 2011

I'm Stuck in a Rut and Clearly Have Nothing Better To Report Other Than...

There aren't enough mastodons in the world these days.

I have no self control. The Halloween candy is hidden again. This time I buried it under towels and light bulbs in the linen closet where it isn't worth the effort to dig out.

The alarm clock tried to out-smart us this morning and changed the time to account for day light savings. Too bad day light savings isn't until this weekend. Too bad I woke up an hour late for work.

At work today I walked up to a 5 year old student and asked him why his shoes were not on. Exasperated, he grumbled, "Because my feet are mad at them."

The Maple monster may or may not have been left behind at a friend's house tonight. by accident. completely forgotten. Oops.

Don't worry. She's home now.


Month of Thanks: Today I am thankful the internet.


Workout: nothing. i forgot. much like a certain someone forgot my dog.

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