Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Day Trippin'.

This past weekend The Canadian and I decided to take a much needed trip out of town. Granted, we didn't go far out of town, but a two hour drive down the road gave us all the exploring we needed.

We drove south down along the Bay of Fundy, which separates New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. We didn't really have a plan, but when you follow a coastal road that doesn't matter because you can't exactly get lost as long as the water remains in view. How you like that for navigation skills?

We stumbled upon a tiny little winery which also happens to double as a blueberry farm. Blueberry wine is my all-time favorite so we stopped for a quick pick-me-up wine tasting, bought out the shop and headed onward. I'm kidding! Relax, we only bought one bottle. Jeez.

Anyway, we eventually made it to Alma.

Alma is a town the size of my closet. Okay, fine. Maybe it is the same size as our street. 

Either way, do you notice a problem with that boat's situation? Look closely. 

How exactly would you propose to get on the dock from the boat? Climb? Use your super powers?

Trick question. The answer is to wait for the tide to come back in.

You see, Alma has some of the highest tides in the world. Had we been there at high tide the boats would be floating level with the dock. At low tide the water is gone and they sit on ground. Remember, this happens daily! If I had to pretend like I really know what I'm talking about I would say this boat is pretty damn close to the bottom.

I love a lobster boat captain with a sense of humor. The beatings will continue until morale improves is probably one of my favorite quotes of all times. Especially when the flag is all shredded so it looks extra tough and hardcore.

When The Canadian finally finished giving me a lesson on the moons and tides and all that good stuff, we headed into Fundy Park where The Canadian showed off his moves and Maple carried around trees.

On our way back to town we saw a small pasture of cows and I tried to go all Pioneer Woman on them and take their picture but cows are big and scary and pick their noses with their tongues. Gross.

Then we briefly considered driving over a covered bridge but decided it wasn't worth destroying centuries of history just for our own personal amusement.


Half way back to Moncton we stopped at the Hopewell Rocks, which are New Brunswick's pride and joy. These 'Flower Pot' rocks grace the covers of tourism magazines and my insurance card. Its like the Empire State Building is to New York. Or the Big Chicken is to Atlanta. You get the idea.

Just like Alma and the lobster boats, the tides here are crazy big. This photo is at low tide, but at high tide the water rises all the way up the rock.

Therefore the good people of the park close the beach down in the afternoon when the tides rise.

It appears as if someone was slacking that day and forgot to mention the time in which we would all become trapped and meet a certain death.

It appeared that the time was upon us. Because I'm a rebel without a cause and had just descended eight million flights of stairs, I jumped the fence and risked my life!

Fine. I didn't really risk my life. But I did jump the fence and leave The Canadian with the dogs to fend for themselves while I went exploring.

I did eventually return, though it was tempting to start swimming and never look back. 

But I am a good wife.

Plus, I needed a ride home. I can only handle so much adventure.


Today I'm thankful for... my wonderful, amazing, fantastically ridiculous family.


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