Friday, November 4, 2011

Thankful For My Girls.

Today I am thankful for my girls.

My eight favorite girls of all time.

Who have been there through thick and thin.

Good times and not so good times.

I miss them all everyday and would give almost anything to call them, grab a coffee, get some sushi or go waste an afternoon running mindless errands.

Or drink copious amounts of wine. Or tequila, for that matter.

To my girls: I'm sorry that ridiculous purple shoes were forced on you at my wedding. But you looked damn good, if I do say so myself.


Workout: Cardio - 20 minutes  Circuit - 75 jump ropes, 25 crunches on the ball, 10 push-ups with feet on the ball, 20 lunges with bicep curls using 20 lb bar - x4


  1. I, for one, loved the purple shoes!

  2. I LOVE THE SHOES....and you! I am giving a test today so ive been reading your blogs. This one was awesome! Your wedding was amazing! Man i miss our morning gossip sessions and drunk nights in gainesville:)