Monday, November 28, 2011

Southern American Thanksgiving Comes to Canada.

Try as I might, I cannot bring shopping, football and the Macy's Parade to Canada. But what I can do is bring a November Thanksgiving feast to my house and make it feel like home.

And that is just what I did. On Friday night The Canadian and I had all of our close friends over for the second annual good ole fashioned Southern Thanksgiving.

Most of the prep happened on Thursday but there was still plenty to do on Friday afternoon. Fortunately my friend Christina came over a bit early to help me out. And by that, I mean calm me down, reassure me that the turkey was not going to turn to sawdust and help make the Sweet Tea Cocktail. It wouldn't be Southern if sweet tea wasn't somehow incorporated, right?

Taste testing is the best part. The proportions can be tricky and requires lots of samples, if you get my drift. It's how I calm my nerves about the whole turkey-turning-to-sawdust-and-the-gravy-not-thickening situation. It may be the best part of the night for me.

When we had the sweet tea cocktail under control the buzzer finally went off and it was time for the moment of truth... Were my worst fears going to be realized and my turkey come out a pile of sawdust?

Perfection! Fortunately the turkey turned out tender and delicious.

Basically the opposite of sawdust.

There was plenty of ham too. Not because we needed it. More as a precaution and back-up in the event that I destroyed the turkey.

Finally, dinner was served. I love seeing Canadians enjoy southern comfort food. Makes me feel like I'm making a difference in their lives.

Cheers!!!! To a good meal, good friends and good company. And lots of homemade wine.

When we were all through gorging ourselves the party moved into the kitchen. It's how we roll in the Maritimes.

Eventually everyone got around to second helpings of pecan pie. Not peeeecan, as I kept trying to tell them.

We all stayed up late, hanging out and enjoying each other's company drinking. And apparently taking photos of ourselves using pans and cheese graters as attack weapons.

Who knows exactly what was going through our heads at this point. But if a photo could talk then this one would say, "We conquered Thanksgiving again and wore our aprons until the very last minute! Bahahah."

And let us not forget Hobie, who was so floored by the whole experience that she promptly fell asleep.

And don't forget Jackson who showed up in his fireman uniform just in case I burned the place down. He even brought along his moustache and five brand new stitches in his chin just to prove how awesomely dedicated he is to Southern American Thanksgiving. (PS - that's what you get when you go straight from work to hockey practice where you take a stick to the face and have to book it to the ER and then haul ass to your BFF's place so his wife doesn't have a meltdown because there is an empty seat at her perfectly planned table.)

Dear Thanksgiving 2012,

Bring it on.

Love, me


Today I am thankful for.... good friends and good times.


Workout: Cardio - 30 minutes, Weights - a whole bunch of random stuff that I don't feel like writing down because it was lame and I wasn't in the mood. 

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