Wednesday, November 30, 2011

How To Love Leftover Ham.

I never was one for ham. Turkey? All day. Salami? I'll take a bath in it.

Mustard was always a favorite. Until I discovered mayo in college. Mustard has since gone out the window.

But brown sugar....oh my. I could eat it by the spoonful. I have eaten it by the spoonful. I used to sneak it when I was a kid. True story. Ask my mom.

I can hear what you're thinking: I have issues. Thank you, I'm aware.

In the past couple of years I've been working on my relationship with ham. Our communication skills are better and we see a therapist once a week. We've learned that this relationship is a two way street and we both have to put forth some effort.

The ham has carried it's weight this week. All ten pounds of it, is trying to win me over. Capture my heart and have me turn my back on turkey. And you know what? It's working.

However, heating it up by itself is boring.

Adding it to a chef salad is slightly more interesting but I can only handle so much lettuce in my life.

But adding Christina's Ham Sauce to it makes it divine.

It is not a fancy sauce. Nor is it difficult to make. It's not pretty and it's probably not low-cal either. That can only mean one thing. It's perfect.

Perfect for spreading on a piece of bread. Perfect for dipping. Perfect for glazing.

Christina takes equal parts mustard and brown sugar.

I just poured some mustard in a pan and then added brown sugar until it tasted right.

Bring the mustard to a boil and stir continuously. Not with a metal spoon! Just the thought is making me cover my ears and want to die. Yes, I am a freak. Again, I'm well aware.

Mustard has a low boiling point (look at me sounding all scientific!) and doesn't take much more than low heat to start bubbling.

Add brown sugar until it tastes just right.

Serve hot or put it in the fridge and eat later as a midnight snack (PS - this is where the dipping part comes in).

I hope I've helped find a new way to rekindle your love for ham. Especially leftover ham that seems to be taking control of all your tupperware.

Note to self: 10 pounds of ham is excessive.


Today I am thankful for... everyone and everything that I have been blessed with.


Weights - arms and shoulders. I was too tired to do anything else. See below.
Cardio - run on treadmill:
1-3 min / 3.0
3-4 min / 3.5
4-7 min / 6.5 (for the record I have never been above 5.5)
7-8 min / 7.0 (I think I just might die at this point)
8-9 min / 3.5
9-12 min / 6.7 (definitely dying)
12-13 min / 7.2 (for sure cannot feel my legs)
13-14 min / 3.5 
14-18 min / 7.0 (might pass out and am willing to give my left arm to make this stop)
18-19 min / 6.5 (might puke. i am not meant to sprint for 5 minutes straight)
19-20 min / 3.5

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