Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving is Tomorrow At My House...

Thankfully, Maple takes her daily nap under my desk. Just to make sure she's ready if any crumbs miraculously hit the floor.

Thankfully, my cranberries all burst in a timely manner and flooded the blueberry pomegranate juice. Fingers crossed that the mixture gelatinizes over night the way its supposed to.

Thankfully, no fingers were lost while the lemons were cut.  I did not want a repeat performance of the Bagel Incident of 2011.

Thankfully, my pumpkin pies appear to be behaving themselves. The cheesecake on the other hand...well, let's just say it got into a fight with a jar or pickles.

Thankfully, the sweet potatoes finally baked after two hours. They seemed to be in a bad mood so I gave them some sugar to sweeten them up.


Thankfully, Tom has now found his way to the refrigerator so I will be able to take a shower tomorrow.

Thankfully, these pretty little pecans came all the way up from down South just to help me make a pie.

Thankfully, TC brought me home my favorite white daisies that I turned into simple little centerpieces.

Thankfully, the real tablecloth doesn't look quite that orange in real life. 



Today I'm thankful for... my home.

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  1. Umm...I want the recipe for the cranberry, blueberry pomegrante concoction!