Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Cinco de Mayo = Cuatro de Mayo

I'm not very good at throwing holiday parties on the correct day. This year we celebrated Thanksgiving a day late. Last year it was accidentally a whole week late. 

Par for the course, I had a Cinco de Mayo party this year a day early, thus dubbing it Cuatro de Mayo. Canadians don't care one bit. They don't speak a lick of Spanish and didn't know what Cinco de Mayo meant anyway. You think I'm kidding? I can't tell you how many people asked me what and when Cinco de Mayo was. 

It's not celebrated here in Canada. I can't for the life of me figure out why not. Why would you bypass a drinking holiday? Well, possibly because there is absolutely no Mexican culture here in the Frozen Tundra. There are simply no small Mexican restaurants advertising cheap margaritas on every corner. When deciding where to go for dinner you choose between Italian, Thai, Indian, Sushi, Pizza or bar food. Mexican isn't an option. That's probably because there is one Mexican restaurant in town and the servers speak French, the music is 80's and the quesadillas are $15.

Anyway, I tried to teach my Canadian friends about the wonders of Cinco de Mayo this year.

I made some delicious sangria, which they embraced.

I must remember to triple the recipe next year.

The margarita bar on the other hand, was not such a hit. I even had umbrellas! Next year, I'm forcing margaritas down everyone's throats.

I thought the sombrero cookies were hysterical, even if they were hard as a rock.

The cupcakes went over well even if the flag was upside down...not that anyone noticed.

For a Mexican flag themed veggie tray, I used cherry tomatoes, red peppers, cauliflower and ranch, broccoli and celery sticks. 

Jeez...I wish I would finally learn left from right. 

There was also chips and salsa, queso with meat and of course a fantastic 8 layer taco dip.

Someone actually asked me if I fried the refried beans myself. When I told them that I had bought them in the Mexican isle at the grocery store they were shocked to hear that a Mexican isle existed. 


I don't know about everyone else, but I had a fantastic time and wore my sombrero all night. Our wonderful friends even put up with listening to La Cucaracha  on repeat all night.

I just looked at my calender and it appears that Cinco de Mayo falls on a Sunday next year. That means we will again be celebrating Cuatro de Mayo - but this time everyone will be drinking margaritas with me AND wearing sombreros, even if its the last thing I do.


Workout: rest day. my legs are killing me. and i needed a nap.

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