Monday, May 7, 2012

Who Are These People?

While out running tonight I came to an intersection. As I stepped off the sidewalk, a car pulled up to the stop sign. I am a pedestrian - with the right-of-way. The car rolls through the stop sign, ready to make the right turn - except I am now in front of him and he doesn't seem to care that he is inches from running over my toes. He got close enough to me that I was forced to throw my hands in the air and yell expletives at his windshield. He sat there and stared at me like a bump on a log. Totally expressionless. No gesturing, no eyes popping out of his head, no nothing. He didn't care in the least that my calves were against his bumper.

After my run I went to the grocery store to buy food for the week. After shopping, I wheeled my cart up to the self-checkout. I scanned and bagged all my items. As I finished paying I turned to load my cart but the mom and daughter at the check-out next to me were loading all of their bags into my cart! I didn't say anything and figured I would just take their cart - but they hadn't had one. Tell me, how did neither of them notice that they left with a cart and didn't start with one? Did they think the grocery cart fairies randomly descended upon them and miraculously produced an extra cart to haul their one small bag of groceries?

Directly from the grocery store I went to the gym for a Pilates class. When piled in a studio like sardines, most people are very courteous and make sure to stagger themselves as to not invade each others' space or hit the person in front or behind them. Most people. I staggered to the left as to not hit the woman behind me since she was staying on the right side of her mat. That would mean the girl in front of me (with no one in front of her) should stand to her right so she and I wouldn't collide. Long story short, the girl stood directly in front of me and eventually knocked me in the face with her foot. I politely asked if she would mind sliding to her right and she hmph'd in a supremely nasty manner and didn't budge from her spot.


Hobie was not impressed with these humans.


Workout: Cardio - 3 mile run, per training plan; Class - BodyFlow, 60 minutes

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  1. Hobie's blog would go something like this "this really annoying woman that I live with is ALWAYS putting a camera in my face and taking pictures and interupts my naps and gets down on the ground and yells my name, who does that?! so rude!!"