Thursday, May 24, 2012


1. Two weeks, people! In two short weeks I'll head back to my home country for the entire summer. There is nothing better than spending the summer working on the lake in Maine. Nothing.

If you're rolling your eyes at me because I'm 30 years old and still go to camp - stop. Just stop. You can read about it here. It's really not that weird.

2. I mentioned the Michael Todd Challenge the other day. (That's him in the yellow, performing a skit with his pet unicorn during Color Wars) You can read about last years challenge here or hereRecap: a ridiculous challenge between me and 59 of my camp friends that all occurs via Facebook. After the first round my good friend Mandy and I scored an equal amount of points. That left us in a virtual rock-paper-scissors tie breaker to see who would advance to Round 2. On a whim I chose scissors and Mandy eventually chose paper. Round 2 begins tomorrow! I'll keep you posted.

3. The construction on our house is almost done. For the past two weeks our bedroom furniture has been in the hallway and the dining room furniture has been in the living room. Not to mention there is a never-ending coat of white dust across every millimeter of the house. No amount of dusting or vacuuming will remove it. This is what happens when you have to get new ceilings again because all the ice leaked through and demolished the old ones. You can read all about it here. Anywhoo, with the bad comes the good - I'm getting new dining room wall paint tomorrow! Goodbye ugly caramel walls that I so carelessly chose last year. I won't miss you in the least.


Workout: nothing. again. instead i went back to the doctor and got some better drugs.

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