Wednesday, May 9, 2012

How To Cut a Lime Like a Bartender.

There are few things I do well in the kitchen. Cutting limes is one of them.

When I was in high school I got a job as a hostess at a local bar. When my mother found out that her beloved, sweet daughter was working at a bar that was open until 4am every night she was none too impressed. "Nothing good ever happens after midnight," she used to say.

Much to her dismay, I kept that bar job for ten years. I rarely worked full time and rarely worked more than a month or two in a row. I simply came and went as I pleased, in between semesters or in between jobs.

Anyway, once I turned 18 I became a waitress. Eventually, the managers got sick of fighting with me about wearing my apron and they let me start bartending.

I learned a lot about dealing with idiots, a lot about beer and liquor and a lot about cutting fruit. Have you ever bartended? If so, then you know that cutting fruit is the bane of your existence.

My point is, I can cut a lemon or a lime like no one's business. And I can do it in a nano second.

Here's how to cut a lemon or lime like a pro:

#1 Cut off both the ends so all the white stuff is gone and you can see the meat.

#2 Turn it on end and slice it down the middle, long ways.

When I used to ask my students to fold their paper long ways they would say "You mean like a hot dog, not a hamburger, right?" That always made me laugh.

Where was I?

Limes, right.

#3 Now, using the tip of your knife, slice long ways (like a hot dog) through the meat, a little over half way - not into the rind! This will be the slit that holds it on the glass.

#4 Now turn it meat side down and slice horizontally all the way through. For a normal size lime, I would aim for four five slices.

Repeat step #3 and #4 with the other half.

Bada-bing-bada-boom! Perfect lime slices for your next margarita party!

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  1. It always amazed me that kids can't fold paper without knowing hotdog or hamburger. My teachers used to say left to right or top to bottom. I finally quit fighting and used the hotdog-hamburger terms!