Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Three Days To Go and A Whole Bunch of Nerves.

Three months in the making and we're now down to a measly three days before race time.

That's right people, this coming Sunday is the Blue Nose Half Marathon in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Me and 11,999 of my new best friends will be running through the hilly streets of Halifax - think San Fransisco style hills. It shouldn't be a big deal seeing as I have been training exclusively on roads with zero incline.

I'm a little nervous. First of all, I'm terribly sick and am hoping my antibiotics kick in soon. Otherwise, I'll be hacking up a lung while I try and run across Canada. It should only take me six hours and a box or two of Kleenex to finish 13.1 miles.

Secondly, I've had an annoying pain in my lower leg for a few weeks now. I spent an hour waiting in line for an x-ray today and should have the results back by Friday. I'm thinking it will be clear, but just in case could you all start praying now that the radiologist doesn't find a stress fracture? Or maybe that they'll loose my films and won't be able to tell me in time, which means that I can run with no guilt.

Third, thanks to my lovely illness, my appetite has been a disaster all week. Instead of spending the week loading up on healthy carbs, proteins, fruits and veggies, I have been eating only ice cream and coffee because nothing else sounds remotely appetizing. Nutrition at it's finest. But like the good doctor said yesterday, "Your body is telling you to soothe your throat. Enjoy." Thanks, doc.

So, my goal for tomorrow is to eat an apple and go for a walk. I'm hard core like that.

Please pray for me, my lungs, my throat, my stomach, my leg and the radiologist's blindness.

Oh, and in case you care, this is the training plan that has been torturing me for the past three months. I made it on Smart Coach - awesome site, by the way. You'll notice that what I was supposed to do and what I actually did are two very different things. You'll also notice that there is nothing about time on there. That's because I've refused to wear a watch or even learn the definition of 'pace.'

That could be part of the 6:30 finishing time that I'm expecting this weekend.


Workout: nothing!!!!!!!!!

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