Thursday, May 31, 2012

Key Wall.

I'd like to tell you that I'm not much of a collector, but that would be a gigantic lie. If I'm being honest, I hoard Isabelle Bloom pieces, picture frames, and colorful wine glasses. Oh, and skeleton keys.

A few years ago I got the idea to create a key wall in my house.

TC liked the idea because he's all about decorating with anything authentic. Basically, he likes anything that has a story. Skeleton keys from Pottery Barn don't fit the bill. He'd rather spend the next ten years digging through antique stores and collecting real keys from every town we ever visit....all while the designated key wall remains bare.

That's all cool with me, except I don't have the patience for that. I want my key wall now, dammit. If that takes a few purchases from Pottery Barn, then so be it. There is a compromise to be had here.

Finally, after two long years of hoarding and gathering we finally have enough keys to put up on the wall.

I really like it.

I think its something interesting and different for the long hallway.

I love that I can continually add to it, like forever.

I really love that I don't have to put any real thought into centering or measuring where I hang each key.

I love that key collecting gives us something affordable to look for when we're wondering around an antique store or flea market. It justifies our shopping.

It also gives us the perfect souvenir to bring home from every trip or new place we visit.

I really like that TC enjoys it too. Cheesy, I know, but its pretty cool to collect something we both like.

The window frame is actually an old window from my first cabin at camp. Many of our cabins are named after trees and that particular cabin was called Maples. Hence my dog's name.

See, that is just the kind of authenticity and story TC is talking about.


Workout: 30 minutes on the bike and 50 push-ups -

 back in the saddle baby!

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