Sunday, May 27, 2012

Paint Change Works Miracles.

With the weekend to myself, for the first time in our marriage, I was one productive lady.

I'm proud to announce that since Thursday evening I have not turned the TV on once. It's like my bachelorette days all over again.

This weekend I wrote a paper, tried to keep three rowdy dogs under control, did my first "paid" photo session, logged three thousand hours on Google trying to do this stupid Michael Todd challenge, deleted 11,000 photos from my computer (not an exaggeration) and reassembled my dining room because it was ripped apart in construction last week.

WARNING: The follow image may cause retinal damage. 

I'm almost embarrassed to show you.

Also, I want you to keep in mind that we live in a 100 year old triplex house. We own the house and live in one of the apartments while we rent the other two apartments out. Therefore, it is a fairly small space with plaster walls and not the typical lay out of the fancy-pancy house that I envision in my future.

This is what the dining room looked like when I moved in almost two years ago. The Canadian lived in the macaroni and cheese dining room for five years. Five! Granted, it was painted like this when he bought it. But still. Inexcusable. You can't even tell where the wall ends and the floor begins.

I think it is evidence that his decorating tastes are null and void forever.

Since I deleted 11,000 photos last night, this is the only one I can find of the wall color that I chose to replace the orange.  It'll have to do.

The week I moved to Canada, I painted the dining room. My taste in paint color is a little better, but not much. In fact, I hated it the second I got it on the wall.

It was too yellow. Do you see how it made the floors and furniture look yellow? It all blended together. Not at all the nice beige neutral that I was going for.

I convinced myself it was fine - it was definitely an improvement and I've been too lazy the past year to change it. Plus, I didn't really know what to change it to.

My golden opportunity arrived this past week. Because of the ceiling construction last week, professional painters were coming to repaint the walls. 

I rushed to the paint store as fast as my broken leg would carry me and picked out any color paint that didn't have yellow undertones. Thank you very much, but I have enough yellow from the ugly hand-me-down furniture and hard wood floors.


I love it. Love it, love it, love it. 

Is it green? Is it gray? Don't know, don't care. I love it.

I really hope you're not judging me right now and thinking to yourself that I have no taste. I promise it looks good in real life! At the very least, it is a huge improvement.

Now, the living room is a whole other matter. It is the bane of my existence.

Yesterday I painted it a couple shades lighter than the dining room. I thought it was going to be glorious. I thought it was going to be better. I thought wrong.

I might have to fire myself from choosing paint colors.

I'm not ready to show you yet because I'm hoping to change out some accessories in the next few days and see if it helps.

Fingers crossed that I can work some TJMaxx miracles.


  1. I think it looked the best orange. I also appreciate the wonderful decorating and think you are too hard on your obviously wonderful husband.

    1. I agree, that trunk is really cool and I like the texture on the walls while they were orange! The walls also compliment the red table very well.

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