Thursday, May 31, 2012

Birthday Plans.

Birthday, birthday, birthday. This year, I love my birthday.

Last year I was slaving away, stripping a deck in scorching heat on my big day. I was, however, wearing my birthday hat, which made everything better.

I don't think there is going to be a birthday hat this year but regardless, it's still going to be a great birthday weekend. 

It was Christina's birthday on Wednesday and Julie's birthday is Sunday so we're going to have celebrations on both nights this weekend. For three people we need at least two parties. It's going to be good!

This year will be extra special because it is the first birthday that I have ever celebrated with TC. Until now, I've always been either at camp already or living in different country.

There are a few other things going on this weekend too. It's so busy that I just had to make myself a to-do list.

First up, the Michael Todd Challenge: Round Three began tonight and continues tomorrow. For Round Two we had to get a photo of ourself feeding a real life baby. Fortunately, Gwen was available and is always hungry.

For round three I have to get a photo of myself playing in an actual public fountain tomorrow. 

Is that even legal? I'm a law abiding citizen. Do you think I'm going to get arrested?

I'm leaving in a week and have several projects on the go that I have to finish up. Numero uno, reattaching my fire place mantle. 

I've been desperately trying to make my living room tolerable. I bought all new mantle decor this week and then decided that the maple colored mantle was killing the whole thing. So, off it came and is currently being stained black. 

I'll let you know next week how it all turns out.

Last weekend I did my first "paid" (it was offered, I declined, they gave me wine) photo session. I'd show you photos but I forgot to ask the family's permission and I'd rather not get fired this early in the game. However, I figure I can't get in trouble for posting feet. Notice the six year old's shoes. A 1st grader in purple sequin shoes? That's my kind of kid.

I was feeling a little confident this week and through a series of random events I may have the opportunity to photograph a ballet recital this weekend - individual photos, group shots and performance. 

Logistically, it may not work out. And that is okay. Then I won't embarrass myself when I vomit everywhere because I'm so nervous and soooooo out of my league.

You know what though? I figure you've got to start somewhere. Why not go out and push myself and do something a little scary?

Playing in a public fountain, dismantling a fire place, photographing a ballet recital - all out of my comfort zone. 

What a good way to celebrate another year.


  1. I love it! My first paid session, i was offered money and refused so she sent me gift cards to dinner and a movie. It was awesome!

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