Sunday, May 6, 2012

Weekend Highlights.

I did my best to introduce my Canadian friends to the grand American tradition of Cinco de Mayo. Except we had it on Friday so it was Cuatro de Mayo. 

No worries, Canadians don't get the whole Mexican thing anyway so no one complained about the wrong date. Besides, last year I had Thanksgiving an entire week late by accident.

I spent all of Saturday in my pajamas and didn't partake in one single productive activity. I was entirely too busy recovering from the delicious sangria. I'll give you the recipe later this week.

I did manage to make it outside today and was happy to find that Spring is still here and fortunately Winter has not tried to rear it's ugly head again. Now I'm just waiting for Summer to decide to join the party...

Good news! I officially shelved my text books tonight when I turned in my last project for the semester.

Half way done...just a few more classes and I'll be donning that cap and gown next May.

Thanks to my handy-dandy water bottle holder, I managed to knock out TEN MILES today. 10!

My leg didn't feel great towards the end but I've decided to ignore the good doctor's advice and continue with my half-marathon training. As long as I'm not in terrible pain, I'm going to keep plugging away. I've come too far to quit now, especially over an injury that may or may not exist.

Every Sunday night we have dinner with TC's family.

Due to some scheduling conflicts, tonight we had birthday dinner for me, even though its a month early. 

My fabulous MIL found the best candles ever - sparklers in the shape of a 3 and a 1. 

My MIL is a fantastic cook - but this praline cheesecake is my favorite of all her recipes. It's unlike anything I've ever had. One of the best parts is the size - it enormous and will feed me all week.

Since I had just finished my 10 miler I helped myself to the biggest piece and didn't feel the least bit guilty.

In fact, I think I'll go have another slice as a late night snack.

How was your weekend?


Friday Workout: rest

Saturday Workout: rest due to self-inflicted dehydration

Sunday Workout: 10 miles, per training plan

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