Monday, May 21, 2012

Weekend Highlights.

Well, hello!

I feel like we haven't talked in days. That's probably because I'm just now wrapping up a glorious four day weekend. Well, four days for me, but three days for the rest of Canada.

This weekend was Victoria Day which is basically the Canadian equivalent of Memorial Day in the USA.

We were planning on spending the weekend in Halifax at the Blue Nose Half Marathon but on Friday afternoon my doctor called to tell me that I have a rather fabulous stress fracture in my right shin and therefore could not run the race. Boooooooo. I called TC, canceled our hotel room and promptly followed my father's advice and poured myself a glass of wine. The weather was glorious and I parked my butt on the porch and refused to move all night while I wallowed in self pity.

Eventually I got hungry and insisted on going out for Indian. I'm still sick and my taste buds are a mess. Indian was the only food that sounded remotely appetizing.

TC was in change of entertaining me and keeping my mind off the race for the rest of the weekend. We started Saturday at the Market and I inhaled a waffle the size of my head. I was trying to numb the no-race pain.

It wasn't working.

Sailing season starts next weekend, so I tagged along with the boys to go assess the sail boat situation and make sure she's sea worthy for next week. For the record, I was absolutely no help and did nothing other than take a whole bunch of photos. I'll show you them tomorrow.

While working on the boat some mysterious creature took a chunk out of my elbow. I didn't even notice it at first, but then I started having a mild reaction - dizzy, queasy, grumpy, and tired.

I swear, every year I find a new bug that I'm allergic too. I should by stock in Benadryl.

In my bug-bite induced drunkenness I stumbled to the grocery store to pick up birthday cake ingredients for John's cake. The Birthday Boy requested marble cake - TC's friends are high maintenance.

On Sunday I was finally feeling a bit better from my cold, bug bite and tibia depression so we headed out to the beach. John's family has a cottage on the water which seemed like the perfect place to have some birthday shenanigans.

You may remember The Michael Todd Challenge from last year - its a Facebook Trivia-esque challenge that a friend of mine from camp hosts every year right before we all head to camp for the summer. It's ridiculous, random, specific and all-around insane. And it started today. Besides answering questions like "What card did I just pull from a standard deck of cards?" we had to take a photo of ourself dancing in a public place, with strangers, where dancing would not typically occur.

Let me tell you how cool I felt doing ballet in front of the post office tonight.

My life is a circus.


Workout: still nothing. still sooooo sick. tomorrow i'm going to the gym come hell or high water.

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