Friday, May 4, 2012

Wild Animals.

The other night our friend Serge invited TC and I to go with him to pick up the newest member of his family.

It was an hour and a half drive to Miramichi (meer-a-ma-she), the town that lies right on the other side of that bridge.

Under the bridge is a river that is home to, what is apparently, the best salmon fishing in the world. Serge said the Bush's have been known to come to Miramichi for the fishing. Then The Canadian asked if the trees and shrubs come fishing too. 

Seriously, I think he missed his true calling as a professional comedian.

Meet Serge's new puppy!

It was love at first sight for these two.

He's like a polar bear pup. 

Don't you think Snowball is the perfect name?

I thought of it all by myself.

Fine. His name isn't Snowball. Nor is it Fluffy. Or White Rabbit (which I lobbied hard for). 

It's Thor! 

He's tough like that.

Oh, and he's not really a polar bear. He's a Great Pyrenees.

Thor may be a measly 12 pounds right now, but just you wait, he'll be 130 in no time.

On our way back Thor was sitting in my lap and started whimpering. I thought it was because he missed his mom but then I felt something warm and wet on my leg. Turned out Thor just needed a quick bathroom break.

As Thor took care of his business, I looked down the road and thought to myself, "Man, we're really out in the boonies." 

Just to prove to you how far out in the boonies we were, about five miles down the road we saw a MOOSE! Right there on the side of the road. 

I about had a heart attack.

We stopped. I took a photo. Freaked out some more. We kept driving.

Side note: See how the moose is half white and half brown? TC says moose turn white in the winter and now that it's spring they're getting their brown back. I don't believe him. Can anyone confirm this?

Not another mile down the road we saw two more moose! 

It was a mom and baby. They were standing on the side of the road and then scampered into the woods when we stopped the truck. 

We waited for a minute and then they both bolted across the road, right in the middle of a blind turn as another car was coming. 

Serge laid on his horn and fortunately the oncoming car stopped in plenty of time.

Funny story. Do you know what a baby moose is called? 

I tell all the kids at camp in Maine that a baby moose is called a moosling. Like a baby duck is a duckling. 

That's a lie. A baby moose is a calf. 

But I think moosling is much cuter. And the kids totally believe me.


Wednesday Workout: nothing. rest day.

Thursday Workout: Cardio - 6 mile run, per training plan for yesterday. screw my unconfirmed stess fracture/tendinitis. i don't mind a little run with a small hammer banging on my leg.

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