Thursday, May 10, 2012

How To Run in the Rain.

This afternoon marked my first ever run in the rain. It wasn't exactly a down pour, mind you, but it was definitely the opposite of sunny and dry.

Because I know very little about running, I called my badass-marathon-running father and interrupted his beach vacation to ask him exactly how one goes about running in the rain.

First he laughed out loud and then basically told me to run in the rain just like I would run in the sun.

"You mean I don't have to, like, wear a jacket or something??" I asked.

"Well, how hot is it?" he asked.

"Its Canada! Its never hot!" Jeez.

"Well, just wear your regular running clothes," he said. "You're not going to melt."

Okay, that's a bit of an exaggeration. He did actually give me a few tips.

So, with his great advice and a dash of my own personal genius, here is what I learned about running in the rain.

1. Worms are evil, evil animals and should all be destroyed immediately- where are their legs?! Do your best to either avoid them at all costs or crush as many as possible. It's your choice.


2. Wear a hat to keep the rain out of your eyes. Sunglasses won't work unless they have mini windshield wipers attached. Unfortunately, Claire's was all sold out so I went with the hat option.

3.  Sandwich baggies work perfectly for keeping your music dry. Not the most classy thing I've ever concocted, but genius nonetheless. Usually I run with my iPhone in my hand, but my shuffle was a better option today because I could change the songs in spite of the baggie.

4. Dry your shoes with the soles removed. It helps them dry faster that way.

If you're looking for even speedier drying, place said shoes and soles in front of the refrigerator. It doesn't work in my kitchen but apparently my parents have some super awesome space ship refrigerator that produces magic air out of the bottom of the refrigerator vent.

5. Do not wear moose socks. Ever. Yes, thank you, I know I am the Queen of Loserville.

According to my father, wear the thinnest socks you have in order to reduce squishyness from wet socks. I would also like to add that wearing higher-rising socks is a good idea because wet socks easily slip down - wet shoes against wet skin produces painful blisters at an astonishing rate.

6. Puddles should be avoided at all costs. Except in the last mile - then it's just plain ole fun to run through them and splash around like a four year old.

7. Slugs are the devil's work and should be wiped from the planet this very moment.


I want to vomit just looking at the photo.

*Might I add just one more little nugget of wisdom regarding attitude? Don't dread a little rain. Embrace it. Just think, you're the only one out there because all the slackers are using it as an excuse to sit on their couch. Meanwhile, you're out there getting tougher and stronger. Just my two cents...


Wednesday Workout: Cardio - 2.5 mile run, per training plan; Weights - shoulders, bis, tris

Thursday Workout: 6 mile run, per training plan

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