Monday, April 11, 2011

5 Weird Things in Nova Scotia.

The Canadian and I spent the weekend in Halifax, Nova Scotia with our good friends Carla and Tyler. Tyler and The Canadian both celebrated their birthdays last week so the trip was a bit of a day of birth celebration. 

The real reason we went was to see a concert. I've got tons of photos of the trip and the concert but I'm entirely too exhausted to get into all that right now. So instead I thought you'd like to see the 5 weirdest things we saw along the drive.

5. Canada's largest blueberry to represent the Blueberry Capital of Canada. 

4. This may be the closest I have ever been to Santa's workshop.

3. It is super important that you leave your bees at home. Go ahead and bring in your wasps or yellow jackets.

2. It appears that someone forgot to take down the hockey nets before the pond melted. 

1. That would be a mastadon. Just chillin'. On the side of the road. Normal.


Workout: Cardio - 35 minutes, Weights - legs, triceps (lame. wasn't feeling it) Other: 2 mile run with Maple (OUTSIDE! had to take advantage of the 65 degree weather!)

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  1. Halifax, like from Anne of Green Gables! And that is the extent of my Canada knowledge.