Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hobie Cat.

Wasn't Hobie the cutest puppy?


How do you not love that face? That little nose? The white stripe?

We'll just pretend that as a puppy she didn't pee on the shoes of everyone that walked in the door.

And I'll just keep ignoring the chewed up corner on the coffee table. I know, I's been six years and may be time for an upgrade.

And I'll just keep stepping over all 110 pounds of her as she lays in the middle of the kitchen every afternoon.

It's possible that she is the laziest dog of all time.

I repeat, OF ALL TIME.

Anyone in the market for a Newf? No? Let me know if you change your mind. 

How about a friendly black lab? She gives free pedicures. No? Come on!


Workout: Cardio - 50 minutes, Weights - biceps, shoulders, legs, abs

Week 7 Weight-In: Lost 2 pounds. Woohoo!

Total Weight Lost: 12 pounds

Remaining: 8 pounds (Note: if all 8 pounds could come off my gluteus maximus I would really appreciate it. Thanks.)

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