Monday, April 4, 2011

CO to NJ: Day 7: New Jersey: Carlo's Bake Shop

After 1,800 miles, several inches of snow, and lots of good times we finally made it to Jersey City, my sisters new home. We had some time to kill before she was able to move into her new digs so I begged and pleaded with her to take me over to Hoboken -- home of TLC's Cake Boss. I've never been a celebrity freak or follower but for some reason I have been obsessed with the idea of visiting Carlo's Bake Shop while I was in town. Maybe because I watch the show while I work out everyday? Maybe because I have a new found love of baking? I don't know the reason but whatever it was I was bound and determined to go.

It was raining and cold.

And the line was 2 hours just to get inside.

And there were bouncers controlling the line of all the anxious fans and their very annoyed counterparts that were dragged along for the ride. For example, the couple behind us. Wife = Giddy. Husband = Pissed, Bitter, Hating Life.

The shop looks just like it does on TV, except more normal. A flower shop is next store and a Verizon store on the other side.

Like I said, the line was long on its own but when you factor in the people with "pick-ups" it was down right crazy. Once I finally made it to the front of the line I spent another 20 minutes getting cut off by people picking up special orders. It was at this point that I began questioning my sanity...

But we finally made it into the bakery. Pure madness.

You're given a ticket when you enter and then you proceed to wait another hour for your number to be called.

While waiting you can check out the selections. 

But you have to throw elbows in order to get close enough to see anything.

How cute are the cupcakes? 

And the tarts? I'll take one of each.

And the eclairs? Sign me up.

And the pies? I'm dying.

If you buy a cake they take it right upstairs and write whatever you want on it. I considered ordering one with "I'm the Best Sister Ever" on it. Too much?

While my sister drooled over the pastries I stood watch looking for Buddy's sisters. Hey Madeline!

Hey Mary! I asked her to smile for me. I'm cool like that.

I saw the camera crew going up and down the stairs a hundred times too. Unfortunately, they didn't catch me on film.

And we saw some lucky girl sit down for a consultation (for $100!) against the famous red wall. 

However, don't believe everything you see on TV. The reality is the shop is run by high school girls taking everyone's orders. 

And while I commend them for having a job and working hard I would have appreciated them getting my order correct. It's not like you can just pop the box open and double check your order. The boxes are tied up tighter than...than...something that is tied really tight.

Plus we were so excited that we didn't care. We just wanted to get to the car and dive in to the goodies.

Once back at Marissa's fabulous new loft we immediately opened everything. Cookies. Check.

Cupcakes. Check.

Crumbcake. Check. DELICIOUS. (read: I packed some in tupperware and brought it back to the igloo for The Canadian)

But what is this? One lobster tail and 6 cream puffs? I ordered 2 lobster tails, 1 chocolate cream puff, 1 eclair and 2 cannoli. Don't judge.

Let's recap. Missing: 1 Eclair, 1 Lobster Tail, 2 Cannoli, 1 Chocolate Cream Puff.

What do I want with 6 vanilla cream puffs?! And where is my cannoli??

And this t-shirt for my beloved Canadian? Wrong size.

Oh yeah, in all the hustle and bustle and paying twice (once for pastries and once for the t-shirt) the girl didn't give me my credit card back...and I didn't even notice.

So, back we went the next day to get my credit card and exchange the shirt. Thankfully, we didn't have to wait in line again. Mary got my credit card for me right away but no one seemed to care that our order was completely wrong. Hello? Don't they know that I have a blog? 

I was going to email Carlo's and give them a chance to redeem themselves before I published this (ya know, with a Carlo's sweatshirt or something...maybe a cannoli) but alas they don't list an email address.

While I will continue to watch the show and enjoy my remaining crumbcake the fact remains that I waited in line, in the rain nonetheless, for some high school girl to screw up my order and jip me out of a cannoli, chocolate cream puff and eclair. 

On the up side, Penny thoroughly enjoyed the cream puffs that we couldn't finish.

Haha! Suckers! Good luck getting a cannoli!


Workout (no, I didn't fall off the wagon): Cardio - 50 min., Weights - Biceps, Shoulders, Abs

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  1. I hope Buddy reads this blog so he can see how things go on without him. If he wants to expand his business then he really needs to be sure that all of his workers are giving 110% effort. People look up to him as one of the best bakers of our time. He needs to make sure his employees stay true to the business name and not get caught up in all of the publicity. Even though I love his show and I think he is amazing at what he does.