Thursday, April 14, 2011

Treat for Me.

In honor of my 10 pound weight loss I treated myself to a little trip to TJMaxx (Canadian translation: Winners -- I'm not kidding) today. What I really wanted was a new pair of jeans but that seems a little pointless seeing as I will be losing another 10 pounds.

Instead I splurged on an $8 coffee mug that I loved. I knew all these cool new 'eco friendly' mugs were out there but I had no idea there were so many different kinds to choose from.

I went with ceramic over plastic solely because it was smaller. It's all about portion control, people. I will drink as much coffee as my mug can hold. Big cup = big coffee = big sugar and cream = big calories = big thighs. Small it is!

And I went with a bendy lid because...well...its bendy. And easier to clean than the screw on lids.

Plus I opted for the ceramic interior because I hate the sound of anything (read: spoons) scraping against metal. Especially metal on metal. Skin crawl, goose bumps...can't even think about it.

Man, I'm so proud of myself for only treating myself to an $8 treat.

Oh, except these fabulous things may have accidentally found their way into my bag.

I really don't know how that could have happened. There must have been sneaky little shoe elves at the store.

Ummm, since I live in a frozen tundra I haven't exactly seen a real pair of sandals in about a year. Are these still in style?

Because if these are wrong, then I don't want to be right.



Workout: Cardio - 30 minutes, Weights - triceps, chest, legs, abs

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