Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Baby Sloane!

My friend Morgan and I met in 5th grade. We were both really cool back then. Mo was about 6 feet tall with big ole glasses and I wore Umbro's to school everyday. We weren't in the same class and I don't really remember how we met, but we did. As middle school progressed we became better and better friends, constantly stirring up as much trouble as possible. By high school we were thick as thieves. Fortunately by then she had nixed the giant glasses (but was still 6 feet tall) and I had moved on to living in overalls. Again, we were super cool. I'm sure I have a prom picture of us buried somewhere...but I don't want to blind you with our youthful beauty.

Anyway, we hung out all the time and created plenty of teenage drama for ourselves. But at the end our junior year (Canadian translation: Grade 11) in high school she moved to Charlotte. After surviving our senior (Canadian translation: Grade 12 -- just doesn't have the same ring to it) years we were reunited our freshman year at the University of Tennessee. First we lived in neighboring dorms and then moved into neighboring apartment buildings. Finally, during out 5th year we shared an adorable little yellow house with our unofficial roommate, Morgan's boyfriend Charlie. We kept him around to scare off the robbers and take out the trash. I may have also forced him to watch The Nanny with me. And there may have been some Legally Blonde viewings as well.

Anyway, Mo and Charlie got married shortly there after. (Note: that is not Charlie in the photo and no, that is not dandruff on my dress. I had to scan the photo. Maybe I need to dust my printer.) Mo had the most amazing princess dress. Seriously, who can pull off sleeves and look amazing like that? 

Their wedding was fantastic and beautiful. During the reception I even made a little toast. It went something like this:

"When Morgan and Charlie first met it was at a keg party in college. The first time they kissed was in the Taco Bell drive through. Morgan had told me about this cute new guy but I had not met him yet. She came over one day to tell me all about their date the night before. So I ask if they had kissed. And she says to my rooommates and I, "Yes, and I heard music!"

Fast forward six years to present day. 

Two months ago Mo was sporting this hilarious Budda belly shirt. 

Three weeks ago she looked like this. 

Three weeks ago Charlie was talking to her belly. I'm sure he was telling her all about how Legally Blonde is the best movie ever made and that he's already bought the baby her own copy. 

But as of five days ago she has this little bird to call her very own.

Hey Sloane! Glad to see you rockin' the Tennessee paci already! Way to make your Aunt Eskimo proud!

See? That klassy kiss at Taco Bell totally paid off.

**I took none of these photos. I'm sure someone deserves credit, but it ain't me. My apologies.


Workout: Cardio - 45 minutes, Weights - back, legs, abs

Week 5 Weigh-In: Gained 3 pounds. Dammit.

Total Weight Lost: 7 pounds. Remaining: 13 pounds.

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  1. I've been waiting to be on your famous blog!! But it wasn't the Taco Bell drive-thru: it was KRYSTAL! This is great, thanks! You are hilarious!