Friday, April 1, 2011

CO to NJ: Day 5 & 6: Chicago, Pennsylvania & Jersey

After waving goodbye to our Grandmother, my sister and I continued on our road trip. We pulled out of Iowa and headed East across the mighty Mississippi River.

We drove through Illinois where we saw cows, cows, and more cows. And farms.

On the outskirts of the Windy City we stopped in for a quick visit with my other Grandma. Hi Grandma!

We said hi to Gunther the house dog while we were there too. He is a little bit of an attention hog.

After leaving Grandma we headed down through Chicago.

We waved at the White Sox...

And we waved at the nice people on the train...don't they call it the L in Chicago?

Then Penny decided she didn't feel like sitting in the back anymore, so she hopped up front and tried to take over my seat. I let her visit for a minute but then I laid down the law and tossed her furry but back where she belongs.

As we crossed into Indiana we saw more farms. Shocking, I know.

And guess what we saw in Ohio? Farms.

About halfway through Ohio the weather took a turn for the worse.

Our destination for the night was the small town of Newcastle, just outside of Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. After a few stressful hours of blizzard conditions we finally made it to my sister's friend's parent's house. That's a mouthful.

I'm nominating Liz for the Hostess of the Year Award. She and her husband George made us feel right at home, fed us delicious food and were so much fun.

When we left Liz and George's house this morning Liz gave us directions that lead us right through Amish country. We didn't see any buggies on the road, but they were parked in just about every driveway.

Okay, so I guess I kind of knew the rule about photographing the Amish, but check out this one room school house! It's recess and there is a snow ball fight! How could I not take photos?!

Why do you think they are all staring at me? Is it my camera?

Anyhoo....We spent the rest of the day driving through the mountains of Pennsylvania. And can you believe this dump truck? Is it just me or is this completely inappropriate

Finally, we reached New Jersey without any major incident. Well, we did get lost in Jersey City for a minute (or ten), but that's to be expected. At least we didn't end up on the George Washington Bridge or battling cabs in Manhattan.

We did eventually make it to our hotel for the night. We decided to live on the edge and pick up Olive Garden for dinner since it was right across the street. (Note: Penny tried to steal Marissa's breadroll, the little thief!) We figured the closer it was the less chance we had of getting lost or dealing with another one of those "u-turns" (aka driving 5 miles out of our way).

Tomorrow morning we're off to pick up the keys to Marissa's new apartment and unpack the car and wait on the movers to show up! Seeing as Marissa has never actually seen her apartment, this should be interesting...

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