Tuesday, April 12, 2011


The Canadian and I spent this past weekend in Hailfax, Nova Scotia. Halifax is a city I could definitely live in if it weren't for the outrageous cost of living. It sits right on the water and is known as a major port. Fun fact that I learned this weekend: when the Titanic sank off the coast of Newfoundland many of the victims were brought to Halifax as it was the nearest port city. I forgot to take photos but the city is full of old cemetaries where 150 victims are buried. The town was found in the mid 1700's and still maintains it's old charm. Today, it is Atlantic Canada's biggest city with the population coming in at a whopping 283,000 people. 

The farmer's markets in Canada are like nothing I have ever seen, and Halifax is no exception. Recently the market split and there are now two. The old market is housed in a beer brewery. Super cool building but pretty sad market. 

The new market is awesome. It sits right on the water and it's h.u.g.e.

The new market was full of people and all sorts of goodies -- from international food to baked goods to floral arrangements, wine and crafts.

There were super cute hats. Although I could have done without the creepy Cabbage Patch doll heads as models.

People were playing random instruments throughout too. I mean, if I had to practice my cello I would totally practice in a place where I could make a buck or two in the process.

Dear Mom, I am buying all of these cute beach themed wall hangings for your beach house.

There was even a 'bio-wall' that was completely covered in plants to replace the need for air filtration and air conditioning. I heard the building is completely self-sustained but I can't confirm that. I do know that there are wind mills on the roof along with solar panels (see photo of the exterior).

After we finished gorging ourselves at the market we headed out for a walk along the harbor.

There was a gigantic wave along the walk...I don't have kids or anything but I'm pretty sure I wouldn't want my four year hangin' 10 on land. Just a thought, dude.

Anyway, there were cool boats and everything but we had more important things to do...

Like drink Jager Bombs. What? We had birthdays to celebrate and a concert to attend. Back off.

(Note: we were not drinking Jager Bombs in the morning after the market. I may have skipped a few hours, a nap, and dinner...)

Like I said, we were heading to the Pixies concert. Hence me wearing Converse and looking like a 12 year old boy.

The Canadian and Tyler grew up on the Pixies. Personally, I've never heard of them but I guess they were a leading force in the 90's grunge/punk/rock movement....whatever that means. I was listening to Outkast in high school because I was cooler than them.

It was a cool show for a bunch of indecipherable yelling. Not to mention how great it is to watch a bunch of 30somethings relive their youth.

Either way, everyone really enjoyed the concert.

Halifax has a great bar scene so we felt obliged to check it out after the concert. We found some cool spots, but we're old and it was busy so we didn't stay out too late. lame. i know.

If you can measure the success of a good night based on the quality of your greasy breakfast the next day then our night ranked a 10 out of 10 on the grease scale. Seriously, old school diner strawberry milkshake for breakfast? It doesn't get much better than that.


Workout: Ran 2 miles with Maple is gale force headwinds. Good times.


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