Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Half Way.

I'm over the gym. Tonight was another struggle just to crank out 30 minutes of cardio. Not to mention that I didn't even finish my weight routine. A month ago I spent my whole day looking forward to the 60 minutes of bliss that the eliptical would bring. But now? Not so much. I'm burned out.

The past two nights of running have been amazing. It was quick. It was intense. It made my muscles hurt. I would keep running every night except I have been down this path before. I'll run for a few days, start to fancy myself a real 'runner' and then stop and not run again for another 6 months. So I'm going to outsmart myself this time. I'm only going to run outside three nights a week, max. Plus I'm going to start mixing in some pilates and other classes at the gym. Maybe that will help fight the burnout.

And if I can stick to running three nights a week maybe I'll really get into it and become a real runner. I've always wanted to be a runner. I love how runners get up every morning before everyone else to get their fix. I love the running clothes. I want to say "Oh, I can meet you for lunch after my race on Saturday." I want to be that person. Plus, I feel like that person is skinny. And that is definitely something I want to be.

Anyway, I'm not giving up on my weight loss plan. Nope. Not this girl. I'm going to keep eating healthy and stick to my calorie counting. Plus, I've dropped wine during the week and am now reserving it for restaurants and social events. That may not sound like a triumph to many of you. But to me, it's a big deal as I thoroughly enjoy my glass of wine with dinner. Anyway, I've hit the 6 week mark, which is the half way point. In just over six weeks I'll be turning 30. Holy crap, how did I get so freaking old? 


Workout: Cardio - 30 minutes, Weights - biceps, shoulders, abs

6 week weigh-in: 3 pounds LOST

Total Lost: 10 pounds. I'm awesome.

Remaining: 10 pounds

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